Do you consider Asians to be "people of color"?

I’m trying to get a feel where Dopers come down on this question. Do you consider Asians to be “people of color”?

I’m not real fond of the expression myself, but I always thought “people of color” meant “anyone but white people/Caucasians.” Which would include those of Asian ancestry.

POC is supposed to be a catch-all term for everyone who isn’t pink, not the new “black.”

I consider Asians to be non-white. So thus “people of color”.

How Asian do you have to be? Is someone from Turkey (the Asian part) a person of color? How about an Armenian?


However, just like people of colour, they are a visible minority.

If you’re meaning to refer to those experiencing discrimination, sometimes visible minority is the better phrase, I think.

These Asians appear to be quite melanin-rich to me. They also happen to be Caucasian, so there you go.



[Or is it “tretto”?]

Caucasians are Asian. :wink:

My wife, whose parents spent World War 2 in an interment camp, gets rather testy to people who insist Asians are not people of color.

The kind of people who care about other people’s “White-ness” are, historically, inclined to use “Mediterranean” as a euphemism for “Non-White”. Nowadays, in America, we tend to forget the Protestant part of “White-Ango-Saxon-Protestant”, but, for a certain sort of racist, “Latin” wasn’t much better than “African”. So, yes, Turkey is right out. Armenian is also out, because no one knows where Armenia is, but it’s poor and non-European, therefore, suspect.

The Asians who are not even arguably-white-skinned Christians, like Armenians, are definitely “Non-White”, in those sorts of circles, too.

The great bulk of Armenians are quite definitely Christians. Indeed, as an Armenian-born lady at church was fond of reminding people, (she would be identified as white by pretty much anybody these days based on skin tone and facial features) Armenia was the first state/country/nation to adopt Christianity as their official religion.

It’s certainly true that Italians and Greeks were once considered non-white.

Population of Asia: 4.463 billion
Population of the world: 7.2 billion
How are Asians a minority?
Those of you who are answering “No”: What is your definition of “people of color”?

I would defer to what Asians think, and every Asian person I’ve worked with or been friends with (when it’s come up) considers him or herself to be a POC.

Another option: I do not label other people for them. If someone wants to call themselves a POC, okay, whatevs. If they are Asian or not, also whatevs.

This is not my job.

No. I don’t see race or color.

I think the kind of mind-set you are referring to is in a considerable minority the US, so I don’t see why that considerable minority is going to be the deciding factor.

And Armenians are almost all Christians. In fact, Christianity came to Armenia centuries before it came to most of Europe.

The term doesn’t make sense except in it’s relation to white people. It would be odd for Chinese people, in China, to think of themselves as “people of color”.

I don’t like labeling people by race. I either see smart or inbred.