Do you de-string a banana?

Do you remove the “strings” running along a banana’s length before eating it?

I eat the entire peel. I put the whole thing, unpeeled, into a blender to make a banana smoothie.

Yes, of course. Those stringy things aren’t food. People will say that they are, but they’re wrong.


Any strings that start to come off when I peel it, I pull off. Otherwise, I don’t worry about them.

No. Never even thought about it.

Bananas aren’t edible until speckled. Does this have anything to do with the peels leaving fewer strings? I really never seem to find the stringy parts any more when I eat a nanner.

Supposedly when you peel a banana the lifehack way (from the side opposite the stem; use the stem as a handle) it’s supposed to be string-free though when I’ve done it I haven’t found that exactly to be the case. Though I think it might in fact be less stringy than otherwise.

Cool! I absolutely have to try that!

re the OP, no, I don’t bother. (Until today, I wasn’t even aware that there were “strings” along a banana.)

How could you not be aware? You’ve never peeled one before?

I de-string my bananas, but thought I’d be in a small minority on this. I’m surprised it’s common practice.


Why has the last choice started a “The Call Me Mellow Yellow” earworm on me? :slight_smile:

Another vote for this. My main concern is that I don’t want them falling on the floor.

I am a destringer.
I shiver at the thought of unstrung bananas.
To destring is to live.

I’m surprised that those of you who don’t destring are still here to talk about it. The string is highly toxic. Have you not learned anything in your adult years?!

jtur88, you’re going to die!

They don’t kill us; they only make us stronger.

Hear, hear! :slight_smile:

Strings must be removed. Do not be fooled by the ones that remain fully attached, they are strings, you know it, and you must remove them.

And you don’t smoke bananas, just the peel. Art Buchwald wrote a hysterical column about that long ago.

Nah, if you de-string them, it’s a royal pain to get them tuned back up to pitch.

You do realize, of course, that this is a self-selecting question.

If you don’t have any idea what a banana string is, you will not:

  1. Remove it
  2. Recognize the question

ergo, those who open the thread are more likely to be de-stringers.

Me too.