Do you drink room temperature coffee?

I’ve started to have black coffee in the morning. To save time I put some tap water in a glass and mix in some instant coffee, scull (quickly drink) it then rinse out the glass. I think it would be a waste of time to boil some water in a kettle then sip the hot coffee. On the other hand I guess it would last longer which would be preferable if you were chatting with someone over coffee.

No. I brew coffee in a Mr. Coffee drip coffeemaker, and drink as much of that as I want hot. After it reaches room temperature, I pour the rest over ice. Room temp coffee is pointless.

I buy expensive coffee, so I hate to pour it down the drain. I have my mug of hot, and if there’s a cup or less in the pot, I’ll drink it any temperature just so as not to waste it.

I will drink what’s left in my cup if it has gotten to room temperature and there’s no more in the pot to warm it up with. Any left over coffee gets put in a mason jar in the refrigerator to be used for iced coffee. Left over coffee is rare so sometimes we brew an extra pot for the fridge. My son only likes it iced.

Thus would Lucullus and the Epicures have it; to savour that ripe perfection of the roasted bean, and inhale the intoxication aroused from it’s scented luke-warmity. Had it been available One Thousand Years before the Monks’ discovery.

Who knows ? Maybe this sparse method of taking coffee will become common practice and *de rigueur *in all the most expensive hotels and hostelries; and wildly popular with coffee snobs around the globe.

I always brew it hot, but I won’t finish a cup before it gets down to room temperature, so I will drink the rest. Microwaving coffee to heat it back up seems to change the flavor and I don’t want to add hot coffee to cool unless I really want more.

There’s usually a cup or so left in the pot that doesn’t get used, and I sometimes drink that over ice in the afternoons, but I wouldn’t drink it room temperature.

I don’t drink coffee, but I have no problem drinking other beverages at room temperature like tea or Coke.

Nope. I heat mine up in the microwave.

I brew a pot of very strong coffee, then refrigerate it overnight. Then add sweetener, cream and ice cubes to cool it and make it less strong. But in the course of drinking it, I may at some point wind up with half a mug of room-temperature coffee. I don’t mind it.

No, room temp coffee is gross. Either ice cold or really hot. I almost inevitably microwave my coffee because it cools too fast.


I usually have some of a litre bottle full of cold brew, made with a french press, first thing in the morning and during the day when I’m home. Sometimes at work or home I will make a hot coffee and circumstances cause it to sit around and go cold. I still usually drink it.

Yep and have seen looks of disgust when I have done so. Tastes fine to me.


I had an Australian friend who claimed to PREFER instant coffee to the real thing. Of course, his toilet also flushed backwards.

I have been known to take the last of the coffee, pour it into the mug, and microwave it. I’m not proud of it, thought.

Somehow, I screwed up and posted this in the wrong thread, but let’s try again:

Yeah, I’ll do it. Sometimes, I’ll even have a cup of coffee I forgot about left overnight in the car and I’ll finish it the next morning as “iced coffee” (well, at least during the last few months, where it’s been winter. I don’t really do this during the summer.) And, sometimes, when I just want the caffeine hit and don’t care about anything else, I do the OP’s tap water and instant coffee thing (though I’ve been out of instant for a couple months now.) It’s all fairly disgusting (well, except for the cold coffee in the car–that actually tastes okay to me.)

Room temperature coffee is disgusting. It’s probably the largest disparity in quality for the preferred temperature and room temperature of any edible.

The only sips of room temp coffee I’ve ever had were when the carafe is old at work. If it is room temperature, I toss it and make new.
On the other hand if you drink instant I suppose it doesn’t matter as much.
Fresh is better, but we don’t drink enough to always have fresh, so I do microwave.

I usually finish my cup of coffee before it cools to room temp, but if I don’t, I generally drink it anyway. I like the comfort of warm coffee, but I think it tastes fine at room temperature. I don’t like iced coffee, though.

Ew. I contend that you are not drinking coffee, you are washing instant coffee granules down your throat.

I used to do this with hot chocolate in college. I’d use the hot tap to get it to mix better, and shake it up in a water bottle. By the time I drank it, it was pretty much room temperature.

Originally I had microwaved it. But I didn’t like how that wore out the plastic in the bottle.