Do you eat fast food in the car?

Spin off of the Taco Bell thread: Why is everyone's main complaint about Taco Bell the fact it's not "authentic Mexican food"?

It seems bizarre to me. If I’m doing a road trip, I’ll stop and eat in for fast food if that’s where I choose to stop. Even on college road trips or when I worked on political campaigns with 4 people in the car; we’ve never been so time crunched to not have 20 minutes. Back in the day when I was doing long solo road trips. I found it fun to pick up the local paper and flip through it while eating.

Anyway, I just find it bizarre for adults to do this. Maybe I can see it if you’ve got two hungry cranky kids in the back and need to feed them. We didn’t do many road trips when I was a kid, but we always stopped and ate in when we did.

The only time I can remember eating in the car was when I was sharing an apartment with too many fellow campaign workers one summer and my friend and I would often stop and get something on the way home from clubbing, we’d just eat in the parking lot of the apartment building, but only stay in the car if it was raining. The other people staying with us were serious pot heads and spent every penny on weed. Didn’t want to deal with their hungry stray puppy eyes when we came in with a bag of food, at my pay, I wanted every fry for myself!

If you are on a road trip, then your lunch isn’t just for food, it is also to get out of the car for a bit.

I often eat in the car, as I grab something on my way home.

I ‘used’ to eat corndogs at Sonic.
Can’t exactly go in there.
Funny, last week we went to my clinic
Me and DIL ordered Taco bell and drove to the Sonic ordered tea and ate our Tacos there. Felt kinda like cheating or something.

It’s about 50-50 for me. I thought it was pretty standard for people here (in America) to grab, go, and eat. At least most people I know do it. Like that donut and breakfast sausage and coffee or whatnot on the way to work in the morning.

The last few months with dine-in closed, I frequently eat in my car because the breakroom is anything but calming. Currently, when I do go out, if I can eat at the fast-food place, I do, since it’s quite hot here lately and a parked car is not a comfortable dining room in this weather.

Driving can be boring, and I find eating while driving to be an efficient way to break the monotony like listening to the radio or playing punch-buggy. There’s a reason most fast food can be eaten with one hand and no utensils.

Even before the Great Plague of '20, we’d get snacks to go and eat them in the car.

During the ongoing Move Our Crap South To The New House, it’s been commonplace to dine on snack food in the vehicle in order to save time on trips. The only problem is mastering the no-look one hand dive into the bag so that no french fry is missed.

I never eat in my car. Just too much of a possibility to make a mess. Not to mention greasing up the steering wheel.

I occasionally do. Pretty much the same as k9bfriender. On a long road trip, getting out is a nice break. But, if I’m trying to make as good time as possible, sometimes I’ll eat on the go, especially if I’m car pooling and we’re trading off on driving duties. Also, I sometimes eat in the car on the way home from work - more often nowadays, when I often have an online appointment with friends in the evenings, and I want to maximize my free time.

When I do eat in the car, my usual is the two cheeseburger meal from McDonalds. In my personal experience, it’s the easiest and least messy fast food meal to eat in the car.

In the car is the only place I’d eat fast food. Sit in a fast food place and eat? No way, been there/seen that. Take it home and eat it? Nope, if I’m going to go home I’d rather make a burger on the grill and Airfry some fries.

The only reason I’d go through a fast food drivethru is because the situation dictates that I eat while driving.

There is more or less a fixed amount of time I’ll be sitting in the car to get to where I’m going. Why not make that experience more pleasant by enjoying some food while the miles roll by?

I’ve worked at more than one place where there was no where to eat except the disgusting break room. As such I’ve eaten many a lunch in my car, be it something I’ve brought from home or fast food. Never while driving though(except for the french fry or two you can’t stop yourself from eating). I don’t want my greasy paws on the steering wheel(or anywhere else). Also don’t want whatever filth might be on the steering wheel in my mouth.

I can’t even remember the last time that I ate inside of a McDonald’s, Wendy’s or Burger King. Could easily be at least 10 years. I remember going into an Arby’s with my cousin almost three years ago. We were in my old hometown moving stuff from my mom’s house. She had bought a smaller place near us in the Little Rock area.

I find these places so cold and uninviting. Sometimes they were dirty. Floors sticky from spilled Cokes. etc.

One big exception is David’s Burgers. A chain in central Arkansas. They are extremely friendly and service orientated. Your greeted at the door with a “welcome to David’s” as you walk in. They have childhood photos of the owner on the walls. I enjoyed eating there. Until the pandemic… They’re dining room has been closed for three months.

Not only do I not eat in my car, I also would never dream of buying a coffee and drinking it whilst walking down the street. I never understood why there’s always a queue at the coffee stand in open air markets. It’s just so uncomfortable.

I also went to a girl’s school where we were specifically forbidden from eating in public whilst wearing school uniform. So this whole idea of eating ‘on the go’ is just strange to me.

I eat in the car regularly. You pick something that’s not ridiculously messy (i.e. not tacos) and use a napkin if you need to. Holding a bun shouldn’t put grease all over your car and, as long as you eat like people, it shouldn’t be messier than eating anywhere else.

I eat in the car because, if I’m getting fast food through a drive-through, it’s because I’m en route to somewhere and just want to put food in my belly. I’m not going to wait to “enjoy” my $2 cheeseburger and fries, I just need to keep moving and get to my next destination. If I was planning on getting home and settling in before eating, I wouldn’t be eating McDonalds.

I won’t eat a meal in the car. If I’m road tripping, I like to have a snack while I’m driving - a diet Coke, pepperoni pizza combos and Twizzlers or Junior Mints. But if it’s time for lunch or dinner, I want to enjoy my meal and not spill food and get grease all over the car. If I’m with someone, we’ll eat in the restaurant or find a picnic table in a park somewhere. If I’m alone I guess I’d eat in the restaurant although I hate eating alone in a restaurant. I guess I’d probably wait until I arrive at my destination/home to eat. My snack foods will keep me from starving.

Before the pandemic, I always shunned the drive through. I’d go in, order my food, and look around. If the joint was full of screaming kids, I’d go out and eat in my car in the parking lot, listening to the radio. If the place was quiet with plenty of seating, I’d sit down and enjoy my food there.

Nowadays, it’s drive through, eat the fries on the drive home, and eat the rest at home at my computer.

I agree on road trips that it’s better to get out of the car and go inside to eat.

We look for restaurant signs on the Interstate and will pull off to eat. We try to avoid fast food on trips. I prefer a plate dinner.:blush: Cracker Barrel and barbeque restaurants are usually pretty good on trips. We enjoy Tex Mex if we’re in the Southwest states. I love finding older diners in small towns and meet the locals.

Yeah, this. I haven’t eaten a meal inside a fast food place in decades, and don’t intend to. However, since I bought my new car, I’m not eating in it either. I’m trying to keep it pristine as long as possible. So, basically, no fast food for me. (which is probably a good thing)

The closest I’d ever come to eating fast food in the car would be to sneak a few fries on the way home, if I was taking the food back to the house to eat. Otherwise, I’d dine inside the restaurant. It’s just more pleasant that way.

When I was a kid, we’d go to McDonald’s and park. My dad would go inside and get the food, then we would eat it in the McDonald’s parking lot. Why we didn’t eat inside, I’m not sure.