When you buy fast food from the drive-up window, where do you eat the food?

Just curious about where people go once they have purchased food from a drive-up window.

“Seating inside/outside the restaurant” includes any seating at the restaurant where you purchased the food, either indoors or outdoors.

“Another location” could be a park or shady spot not at the restaurant where you purchased your food.

“Outside your car” could be a picnic table or other seating. or on the grass at a location not at the restaurant where you purchased your food.

“Inside/outside my house” means any place at your home, either inside or outside.

If you eat at various locations, pick the one you most often eat at.


usually “Inside/outside my house”

but where’s the option for “Inside my car”? That’s what I do when traveling.

Yeah, the vast majority of the time I’m eating while I drive across town or further. But occasionally I do stop on the way home and pick up food to eat at home.

Driving home and then eating inside your car seems like a weird option.

While driving? I forgot that one. Pick “I eat my food somewhere you didn’t mention.”

I think I’ve done everything but the first option, but most often I eat (in my car) while driving or riding in a moving vehicle.

That’s what you do when you picked up Taco Bell, and it’s too messy to eat while driving, but you didn’t get any for your 10 year old inside the house.

I either take it home or eat it while driving.

You just know if I had left it out, someone, somewhere would say, “What if I drive home and eat in my car?” :smack:

Same here, I don’t eat fast food much anymore but when I do it’s in the car on the way elsewhere.

Eat while driving. No other reason to go to the drive through for me.

I drive where ever I’m going and eat there. I don’t eat while I drive. So I rarely use the drive-through window. Like half a dozen times ever, and I’m in my thirties. I tried it once when I’d just started driving, and I didn’t like it - didn’t feel I could pay adequate attention to the road and wound up setting my food aside until I reached my destination. Other drive through times since have been either getting a milkshake or picking up something shortly before I reach home.

Most of the time I drive home and it it there.

White Castle, Taco Bell (after a brief park to apply hot sauce), eat in my car as I’m driving away. McDonald’s breakfast, bring it home and enjoy. I think these 3 examples sum up 99% of my drive thru habits.

You know they can smell it on you.

I never go to the drive through, on the Joe Pesci principle. I park, go inside, get the food to go, then drive home and eat it in front of my computer.

(and yes, I realize this makes me ineligible to vote in the poll, so I didn’t)

I usually only go through the drive through if I’m taking my meal home, or eating while I’m traveling. If I’m going to eat it at the restaurant, I’d just go inside. (Seriously, go through the drive-through, then go to eat in side? Who the fuck does this?)

And eating in the driveway at my house just sounds dumb. I might eat it on my porch if it’s nice out, but eat it in the car parked at my house? Why the fuck would I do that?

I have an ex-gf who did it all the time. She claims, probably correctly, that the drive through line is faster. ‘But it inconveniences everyone else’ was met with a blank stare.

I don’t eat much drive-thru fast food but, when I do, it is most commonly because I am far away from home and want something quick to eat right then. I usually drive somewhere close like a rest stop or park and eat it outside of the car. I don’t usually eat it in the car unless the weather is bad and I don’t like to eat while driving (although I have done it when necessary). I almost never get fast food to bring home. I can cook better food there.

Yes, but it’s eaten and there’s nothing they can do about it. :wink:

In my car while driving. It’s usually late at night, after work when I’ve been too busy to eat.