Do you eat from food storage containers?

Let’s say you grab something from the fridge. It’s a smallish single serving size container. You throw it in the microwave, heat it up…and then what? Do you eat the contents right there out of the container? Or do you dump the contents in a proper dish?
Myself, I’m a dish guy. Gotta have the dish.

Why on earth would a dirty a dish, also? Right out of the container for me.

All the time.

Since ice cream only comes in single serving containers…of course I do.

Yeah, unless I’m serving guest or something, I eat out of whatever container I put it in for a leftover. I don’t need to do more dishes than necessary.

I’ve sometimes eaten food I’ve dropped on the floor, so eating from the packaging container seems almost fancy.


Why create extra work, washing another dish? Wasting extra water to wash it. But then I live alone. Keep it simple.


What they said. I also do it if it’s the last serving from a multi-serving storage container.

You heat it up first?

You guys should take to its logical extreme and join the Sinkies.

(Hopefully one of you is a web designer. Geocities déjà vu!)

You’ve noticed that, too, eh?

A proper dish is whatever I can eat stuff out of. Whatever goes in the microwave is already in a dish that I will eat from.

The only time I don’t eat out of the container is if the container holds 3 or 4 servings of an item, in which case, I’ll isolate a single serving (usually in a paper bowl) and then put the container with the remaining food back in the fridge.

I don’t eat over the sink; I eat right out of the fridge.

And there seems to be an unwritten law that leftovers of Chinese take-out should always be eaten right out of the container. In fact the only person who always violated that law was my mother. Everything had to be served on a plate.

Man, I take things out of the storage container, put it in a microwave safe heating container, then put it on a plate to eat.

Anybody have tips on what to do with these dishpan hands?

My friend Madge could fix you right up.

We usually use plates.:(. Then again, we also usually light candles and turn the lights down a bit.

Sometimes. If the container gets too hot, or I feel like adding side dishes I’ll grab a plate.

Hey, you can light candles and eat standing by the kitchen sink, ya know. That way you can’t see the dirty dishes already there.

My exBF introduced me to paper plates. I seriously had never bought them before. Holy cow! The light dawned. I buy the really thin cheap ones and use them with one of those plastic support/holder thingies. Life is good. (I DO always use cloth napkins, though. Go figure. I’m nothing if not inconsistent.)