Do you eat in dreams?

I’m pretty sure no one ever does. I don’t think I ever have, and I’ve heard others say they never do. I had a dream once that was triggered by IRL indigestion, but I don’t think I ate the dream-food; I think just looked at it, and segued into “I shouldn’t have eaten that, ugh.” I can see how chewing and swallowing would be too physical for a dream. Does anyone ever experience taste, though?

I do all the time. I vividly dream of eating and cooking.
I cook a lot so I think about cooking quite a bit so it makes sense that it would carry over to my dreams. In fact from time to time I bite my lip or tongue in my sleep when I’m really enjoying a meal :smiley:

There is nothing so disappointing as going for that second forkful of chocolate cake only to wake up before you can get it to your mouth.

Absolutely. I do everything in my dreams, including flying. Sometimes I wake up with a charlie horse in my calf from dreaming about running. Sometimes I wake up laughing from dreaming about funny stuff. If I’m hungry I’ll dream about eating, often stuff I don’t really eat any more, like hot dogs last time I had a food dream I remember. If I need to pee, I dream about looking for a place to go pee, but always there’s an obstruction to my goal until I finally wake up and get out of bed. I wonder if one day I’ll find a toilet in my dream and end up wetting the bed. I dream about full intercourse all the way to fruition. I dream everything real and fantastical.

I love sleep.

Huh. I always thought that was a sure way to tell if a scene in a book/tv show/movie was a dream sequence. If the character eats anything, it’s not a dream. Guess it’s not as common as I thought.

I hate it when I dream of going to a deli and looking at all the yummy things, picking out just the right ingredients for my sammich and getting it all bagged up and paid for, I walk down to a park and then, just before I can eat it, I wake up. I hate that! :frowning:

Oh yes, I still remember my disappointment those 54 years ago when I dreamt I was eating my favourite dessert, reached for the next bite, banged my hand against the wall and woke up :mad:. I was four.
Yes I still eat in my dreams. I have, last month, dreamt that I peed too without wetting the bed. I was really surprised when I woke up and still had to pee, though.

Funny that you posted this because I had a dream last night that I ate a steak and my mom said, “…I noticed what you were eating…” I’m a vegetarian which is why that’s significant. I’ve had other dreams about either eating meat and then being like, “WHAT HAVE I DONE??” or being in a situation where the only food option is meat.

I do pretty much everything in dreams that I do in real life, plus some. That includes eating and peeing (without wetting the bed) - even dying in dreams. For some reason, many of these deaths include slow deaths from bleeding, suffocating or freezing where I slowly black out, but I’ve also hit the ground and died in those falling dreams and lived to tell the tale. So there’s another dream myth busted.

Oh, and I feel pain during dreams, so even the pinch-me meme doesn’t work for me.

If there’s anything I can use to reliably tell I’m in a dream, it’s sex. Sex in a dream feels good, but in a very muted way. It’s like the way you can still feel pressure even when the dentist has given you an anesthetic but it doesn’t feel as intense as it should.

I know I eat in my sleep. Several years ago I woke up and found a box of matches on the kitchen table, several of them were soggy from being dunked in milk and then chewed up and discarded. That was kind of a wake up call for me.

Whenever I have to pee in a dream, I dream that I can’t locate a toilet. I’m afraid if I ever do locate the toilet in a dream that I will wet the bed.

The only time I have eaten in my dreams is when I have been on a strict diet where certain foods are not allowed. Like an elimination diet to see if something is causing problems or allergies. The I am usually dreaming that I ate foods I shouldn’t and therefore screwed everything up.

Do I eat when I’m dreaming? No. But I sometimes dream when I’m eating.

Yes. One time I was dreaming about eating a marshmallow. It was so big and so fluffy and I almost couldn’t finish it all.

Then I woke up and couldn’t find my bichon frise anywhere.

Just the other dream I ate some garbanzo beans and pine nuts in pesto-something I have never had in my life.

That’s not how I thought that would end. :smiley:

I eat in dreams, but I find that I can’t really taste or smell in dreams. I try to smell something, but it doesn’t have any smell.

Yes, especially when I’m actually hungry.

But I can never play the harp or dance tango (my two big hobbies) and my theory is that I’m very focussed and very “in the moment” when I’m doin those, and that that state is therefore not compatible with a dream state.

I don’t eat in my dreams, but I often have to pee really bad – yet can never find a good place to go!

I can read in my dreams, which I’ve heard claims of being impossible, well it’s not.

I’ve also died in dreams, yet I’m still alive.
or am I… someone pass the brains.

I also used to write code in my dreams way back in the day. I used to write some of my best code at 3 am. Unfortunately I could never convince my boss to let me sleep at my desk.

Neither did my bichon