Do you eat your boogers?

This guy says it’s good for you!

Not so sure I agree with that.


I used to do this all the time as a kid. Probably part of the reason why no one wanted me around…

When I was 5, I was the kid munching on his boogers on stage during the church Christmas pagent. :o

On the plus side, I almost never got sick. Whether that was because of the boogers or because of a naturally strong immune system, I don’t know.

I worked hard to stop during my teens but I’ve picked it up again now that I’m an adult. I try to be discreet about it though…

Personally, I like the thick & gummy ones myself. The dry ones take too much spit to disolve properly. :cool:

(Barfin’ your guts out yet?)

I have only two thoughts:

1: UGH!

2: This sounds like a poll, so a mod will put on some rubber gloves and pick this up with tongs and drop it into IMHO.

3: Opal says UGH! also!

Well, not raw.

Personally, I like the thick & gummy ones myself. The dry ones take too much spit to disolve properly. :cool:

Man, that’s just gross. The only ones worth eating are the big, crusty one you get when your nose is stopped up and dries out.

Ah, but do you eat the red ones last?

Note to self: Never shake hands with Anaximenes.

So how come the dry ones? Why not the mucousy ones?

vomits There goes my breakfast… When I was about 5 I used to do it, but I stopped. No real reason why. My finger only enters my nose when there is something bothering my airway or my nose feels really clogged up and no tissue can handle it. And furt what do you mean not raw? Do you stir fry your boogers before you eat them? shudders

Oh good God and sweet baby Jesus…

Even when I was a kid I’d get fouled out by other kids doing that. Yark!!!

Well I’d like to see some actual proof before I start chomping away but I don’t see why I wouldn’t start if it had health benefits. People do a lot nastier things in the name of health and I don’t see why one should pass up a healthy habit just because peopel think it is icky.

The Tim, I agree. I want a double-blind expirement done to test the health benefits. If it gives us some kind of proof I’ll start munching openly. “Hey, Jerk, this is good for me! You should do it too!”

The nicest thing about booger eating is that during periods of heavy secreation you can even skip a meal!

ivylass, I wash my hands about 30 times a day anyhow…

Fatwater: don’t ever eat the red ones! What kind of disgusting dweb are you? Were you raised by slugs?


What if a catastrophic bioweapon were being devised that was based on boogers? Would you swallow your pride – among other things – to survive the BoogerBomb?

I read through the original TMI thread giggling happily and slurping up spaghetti.

I read snippets of the pimple thread out loud to my co-workers without batting an eye, while they said, “Ewwwww!”

I’ve potty-trained two children, helped dig up a leaky sewer pipe, and fished various and sundry household items out of unflushed toilets. Didn’t faze me.

I read this thread.

I gagged.

Because that is just freakin’ gross.

It depends on what has been up my nose the night before…

So, uh, Anaximenes, what do they taste like?

This thread is nausiating. :dryheave:

And it’ snot so much the topic, but rather the gleeful abandon with which some of you describe the act of your booger-eating.

:dryheave: :dryheave:

<starts to sing>

“Everybody’s doin’ it, doin’ it, doin’ it
Pickin’ their nose and chewin’ it, chewin’ it…”

Egads, the things you remember from 3rd grade…

I pick my nose all the time. You’d never catch me dead EATING that stuff, though.

What do they taste like?