Do you eat your boogers?

Before you all go out and start digging away and chowing down, you should read this.

Pick with care!

Just wait 'till they start making health bars out of 'em.

Yup, eat em all the time. Whenever someone isn’t directly looking at me, chances are I’m munching away at some sticky, green chunks of tasty goodness. Yes, I actually think it tastes pretty damn good. Very nice and chewy texture too. And it’s free and so easily available.

I’ve always been fascinated with the amount of stigma connected with this choice of diet. If any of you booger-bigots wouldn’t mind expanding on this, I would be very interested in hearing what the rational reasons are for why you find this gross. I’ve been struggling with this for years now. Everyone knows I eat snot. Everyone thinks it’s gross and oh so wrong, but I can’t for the life of me find a single good reason why I should feel ashamed of it. I was well into my first years of school before I even realized why everyone were shunning me. Eating my mucus just seemed so obvious and logical to me. Clearly I am a sick, sick man. Help…?

And yea, and to spam a little… I too have an absolutely amazing immune system. Not even a hint of illness for almost 10 years, while my flatmates are dropping like flies. Right now I’m honestly wondering if the esteemed doctor might not be on to something. If so I would just like to add:

That’s all.

Only when I’m out of earwax

This is making me gag! Don’t know why the very idea of eating bogeys (uk version of boogers) makes me have such a visceral response, but there you go.

Id really rather have a cold than voluntarily consume solidified snot

[insert barf smiley when there is one]

Instead of asking what it tastes like just try it, the worst that can happen is gagging or vomiting or the end of the world. I pick my nose all the time, andyeah i eat it, well i don’t care what you guys think i just wanted you to know. Happy picking!

I used to eat them as a kid. Now I feed them to the dog(the cat prefers earwax).

It’s fun to drop them in the fish tank too, some like them some don’t.

Yummy Boogies.

Tasty Earwax.

Chewy-Chewy Tonsil Stones.

Slurpy Zit Squeezin’s ( now fortified with 25% extra blood and pus!)

Where the FUCK is that Yucky Smilie?!?

Emphasis mine. Nobody’s noticed that lovely little slip there until now?

I do dig. All the time. I also wipe off on tissues I’m always carrying with me. Never eaten, never will.

This truly is a nose-eating, err, nauseating habit.

Man, I’ve seen this thread for a few days now and always thought about opening it, but deciding against it because I’ve seen the pimple thread and have been following the board for quite some time and knew what I might be in for. Now, for some reason I decided I should open it. Bad mistake. This is just gross.

I have no desire to know what they taste like either. … actually, maybe I am just a tiny bit curious about it… I suppose now that I’ve opened (and posted to) the thread I’ll have to continue to follow it.

Ugh, gross. That pretty much sums up my views on this topic…

Excuse me, I think I have to go tell my boss I need to take a sick day.

Can we please go back to pimples?