Do you enjoy playing bingo (in real life)?

I love bingo, for some reason. Maybe it’s because I come from a family who is very into bingo. My grandma and mom used to play it every night when I was little (and for a bit before I was born), my grandma LOVED the game more than any other and she’d often drag her seven kids with her to go play. And so, growing up, all of my aunts and uncles would still play and take THEIR families and kids on a regular basis. Anyway, I’m only 36…so I’m usually the youngest in the bingo halls. I play at casinos, churches, and a few American Legions (of which I’m a member of and also sometimes volunteer at). Mine is a bingo family, if one exists,…bingo is in my blood. :cool: Heh.

Anyone else here play bingo regularly or semi-regularly?

I’ll visit and join my mom once or twice a month and we’ll go out and play together…we went last night and are going again tonight, but our usual is once a month. I recently found a place that is much closer and seems better and is a little cheaper, so I may start going even more often (two times a month or maybe even every week),

Hot damn, I’m the only person who posts on the SDMB who plays bingo!

I enjoy it. When I was in my 20’s we used to spend Tuesday evenings playing bingo and swilling beer at the VFW. Beat the hell out of staring at each other and the TV at the bar.

I enjoy the odd game when it turns up but I’m not a regular and wouldn’t seek it out specifically. If I want to gamble I prefer Blackjack. If I want to socialise I’d rather do a pub quiz or just go for a drink.

I enjoyed it when I was a kid as a break from doing nothing or playing outside. But it was usually frustrating because we rarely won because my mom could only afford 10 or fewer cards for the three of us (including the bonus rounds) and the winners were usually individuals with 20 or more cards all to themselves.

I played it on holiday once for 2 weeks. There about 8 of us playing every afternoon and the winner got a bottle of Gin or Rum. My partner and I won 9 bottles and had to smuggle them through customs afterwards. Good times!

Don’t think I have actually played bingo – If I have it was as a kid. I do play Augustus which is basically gamer bingo,

Tokens are pulled from a bad, you place figures on the matching symbol on one of your cards. Finishing a card gives you points and sometimes a special ability (treat two symbols as the same, move figures between card) The (light) strategy is choosing which card to put a figure on and which new card to take (you get extra points for sets and such)