Do you ever eat when not hungry?

Yes I do. It’s why I’m not fat. I eat regularly, to keep my blood sugar levels even, insulin levels from dipping and spiking and to prevent ravenous overeating. However, a couple of those feedings are somewhat forced, as I have little-to-no appetite at those times of day but I need the nutrition. Those times would be the meal before and the meal after working out, as my appetite is usually always MIA at those times. I make myself eat during those times, however, because it’s the most important times to eat when training in the gym.

I don’t usually get hungry, but I do get weak (wobbly knees, cold sweat etc) from low blood sugar if I don’t eat regularly so eating is just one more basic body maintenance function done in advance so that won’t happen. If I have burned a lot of calories and skipped one or two meals then I get a sort of light-headed hollow feeling but even that isn’t very compelling as such. I think there’s something a bit off with my hunger reflex but since I’m not too thin nor fat I don’t really care.

So yeah, 95% of the time I eat when not hungry. Works for me.

I almost always hungry. Despite eating plenty. On the rare occasion I’m not hoping ry, I’m not eating.

If I haven’t eaten all day, I am so ravenous I’m about to gnaw my own arm off.

(IOW “no”)

One of my worst habits is eating when I’m bored. I’ve pretty much gotten better about it, but I’ll still find myself doing so every now and then.

pfft. amateur.

You can look at me and see that I didn’t stop eating at the point where I started hating myself.

I’m working on it.

Sadly, yes. Battling with my weight is an ongoing struggle for me. I am a semi-compulsive eater and I’ll eat just about anything that I don’t have to chase down and kill for myself.

That’s how I got fat as fuck.

I rarely eat when not hungry, I am not often hungry, yet I am 100 pounds overweight.

Isn’t the very definition of “eating when you’re not hungry” dessert?

I mean, since when has anybody ever been actually hungry when they decide to have a dessert after dinner?

(Which means yes, I eat when I’m not hungry, because dessert)

Yes, all the time.

At least your teeth are clean!

I barely eat even when I am hungry. Being divorced will do that to you.

My BMI has dropped from 24 to 21 over the last year.

That light headed feeling is why I try to be regular about feeding the machine. Plus, my husband worries when he doesn’t see me eat at least a token amount at meal times, so yeah, I usually eat when I’m not hungry.

And even when my belly is yelling that its empty, I don’t really get hungry, but once I sit down to eat I realize how hungry I am and will often eat a whole meal then.

My grandmother’s philosophy was that one does not eat because of hunger but rather to keep from becoming hungry. I’m not completely that way myself, but I will often eat a meal ahead of mealtime if I think I may be too bust at the regular appointed hour. But there are plenty of times too that I find myself starving.

I eat all the time. But I don’t binge anymore. I don’t shovel. I just eat a lot. I just had two handfuls of Cheetos after a big meal of three bean burritos earlier tonight. I may eat something sweet before I go to bed in about an hour. I just eat whenever, whatever. I cook every day, usually dinner. I have three small meals. Then I graze.

I did. I’m eating much healthier than I used to. I had to reprogram my brain to understand that I didn’t actually have to eat just because the food was available. I’m doing pretty good.

After years of dieting (and not eating when I was hungry) and binging (and eating when I was not hungry) I spent nine months learning to eat when I was hungry and stop when I wasn’t hungry.

I still eat mostly cause I’m hungry. If I’m out with a group and the food and company are good, I will overeat. On my birthday a friend took me to breakfast and I had a cheese omelet, potatoes, whole wheat toast, garlic toast, fried potatoes, fried sweet potatoes, a hot fudge sundae and five cups of coffee. I next ate at 4:00 p.m. the next day.

Yes, I’ll often follow a very big meal with none, or a small one. It seems to even out.

Rushgeekgirl, may I ask, do you like (a) your weight, (b) your metabolism, or © both?