Do you ever not turn right on red?

I was behind a woman today who did not turn right on red, despite the fact there was not any traffic in her way (though she was talking on a cell phone, so I guess she was too busy with that).

That got me to wondering if anyone purposefully does not turn right on red.

If you don’t, then why?

I was about to say, yes I do turn on red but around here there are lots of intersections clerarly labeled that’s it’s illegal to turn right on red (mostly on very busy streets). So Iguess I’ll go ahead and vote yes with the assumption it’s legal.

Yes, the assumption is that you may legally turn and there is no traffic.

She may be from NYC, which does not allow it.

I was taught you can turn right on red here, but you need to stop first, just as if it was a stop sign.

I learned to drive in NYC, and even after moving away for many years, sometimes I would forget it was allowed.

You’re talking about a situation where I want to turn right but I decline to do so, right? Sometimes I’m a bit timid about pulling into the oncoming traffic, but otherwise I’d turn.

(If I want to go straight, obviously I don’t turn right on red, even if I’m in the rightmost lane.)

A lot of time in a downtown area I won’t do it if there’s pedestrians getting ready to cross. Waaay to often they walk against the red/‘don’t walk’ and since they’re not expecting someone to make a right on red (nor should they really be watching for me), I usually just wait out the green, especially if there’s no one behind me.
I hate seeing an opening, hitting the gas only to realize that the person on foot saw the same opening and started running. Now I’m stuck halfway in the intersection, there’s a car coming and I can’t move backwards because the car behind me pulled up. All I can do is hope I’m not to far into the intersection and/or the car that’s coming sees me.

But yes, when conditions are favorable, I have no problem making a right on red (or a left on red when it’s allowed).

While I always turn right-on-red after full stop and ensuring there is no oncoming traffic, one should at least acknowledge the following:

I live in Maryland, home to the nation’s most clueless drivers, and had this happen…

There is a traffic light intersection where the road I am leading into has three lanes. If I am pulling up to that road and have to get into its left-turn lane, I obviously have to wait until all traffic is clear.

So a few weeks back here I am at this light. I need to get into the lane furthest over and while there are no cars in the first two lanes, I am patiently awaiting my opportunity. Dipshit behind me who sees no traffic in the first two lanes, hits the horn and when I look back in the rear view mirror, he’s giving me the open arms “What the hell?” gesture. I ignore.

When my chance comes –even though he sees me enter the far left lane- he drives by and flips me the finger.

Fortunately my feelings aren’t hurt in the slightest as anyone who lives in Maryland knows this is the intelligence level of the drivers we encounter on a daily basis.

I always used to. Living in NY state, just above NYC, many/most intersections that aren’t simple neighborhood intersections have a “no right on red” sign.

Drives me crazy.

I do if I notice on my approach that there are no signs forbidding it. But occasionally I’ll find myself at the intersection, not seeing a “No Turn On Red” sign in front of me but unsure if the sign post that is now by my rear bumper has a NTOR" sign at the top. Usually it doesn’t, but sometimes the only sign at the intersection is on the curb as you approach. If I’m not sure about it I won’t turn, but if someone behind me honks, I’ll assume they’re not just being a dick and that there is no sign, and I’ll turn.

I’m gunshy about it because I got a ticket for turning once when the only sign forbidding it was about 20’ before the intersection. I was sitting there, it was about midnight, not a single car around except me and one behind me. I had the red. I looked left & right, no cars, not even another set of headlights. I turned, and the car behind me was a cop. Lights started spinning and he pulled me over. :smack:

I can, if I know there’s no traffic coming. If there’s a big truck or SUV to my left, pulled way up to the edge of the intersection so I can’t see if there’s traffic coming or not, or if the road curves around such that I can’t see if there is traffic coming (there is a road like this near my house), I won’t turn right on red.

Same here. Even at those places, if there’s no traffic in sight, I’ll go ahead and make the turn. Hell, if I see no traffic and no cop, I’ll even make a left on red if I’m in a real hurry.

I live in Texas where right on red is 100% legal (as are U-turns unless otherwise marked). Someone refusing to turn right on red with no oncoming traffic angers me nearly as much as someone not moving at a green light.

Nor does Montreal.

BTW, does anyone know that in some cases it’s legal to turn left at a red light?

ETA: For righty drivers that is; not in the UK where obviously that’s not an issue.

Just remember, turning right on red isnt always legal.

I voted yes. There are busy intersections that I don’t even bother looking for a chance to turn right on red. 80% of the time there’s traffic anyhow. It’s not worth the hassle stretching my neck hoping for an opening to turn. I rather chill out and wait for the green.

Yes. In Michigan you can turn left on red if there’s no oncoming traffic and you’re turning onto a one-way street.

For a time I got to do this twice in my evening commute. It felt deliciously illegal.

This caused me some confusion when I moved to NYC from upstate NY back in '99. Up there it’s “right on red is allowed unless marked prohibited” and down here it’s “prohibited unless marked allowed”. For the record, if it’s safe to do so, especially considering clueless pedestrians, I make the turn.

I’ll turn right on a red, assuming it is not marked as prohibited, (which it is some places in my hometown,) and assuming that it’s safe. I know some intersections where it’s not banned, but really, you have to poke your nose into oncoming traffic just to SEE if the way is clear.

And bearing in mind that pedestrians have the right of way, whether they also have a clue or not. :wink: