No Turn On Red Signs

I’ve been noticing more and more, no one seems to follow this. I live in Chicago and we have quite a few “no turn on red” signs. For those who don’t know, it’ means you can’t turn right on red. You’re supposed to come to a complete stop then turn right. Almost no one comes to a complete stop.

But I’ve noticed since I’ve been walking more and more, absolutely no one, at least in Chicago, pays any attention to the “no turn on red” signs.

Today I saw a cop car behind a whole bunch of people, all turning right on red. None of them even slowed down much, much lessed stopped. And all of them violted the “no turn on red,” even the cop did it.

So what about in your area? Do people follow that or not? As a general thing you notice. If you haven’t noticed, look for it.

Around here? Red is just a suggestion.

I thought “no turn on red” meant that you couldn’t turn right while the red light was on, not that you were supposed to stop then go. That’s what you’re supposed to do at ALL red lights.

And yeah, no one here stops for stop signs or red lights if they’re turning right - some of them barely even slow down.

You sure about that, or is this one of those things that varies by location? Here, one state over, right-on-red is legal unless posted, but you still must come to a complete stop before committing the turn, and can be ticketed for running the red light if you do not.
If there is a “no right on red” sign, then you must sit at the light until it turns green.

I don’t know about Chicago, but everywhere I’ve been, no turn on red means come to a complete stop, and don’t turn until the light is green.

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I’m in Chicago and I’ve been pulled over for turning on red (after a full stop).

I believe it’s normally at intersections w/ green left turn arrows. Too many accidents when you have people from both directions trying to turn onto the same street.

Perhaps I wasn’t being clear, but I’m reading it the same way I posted as you stated.

What I mean, and I’ll try to be clearer, is when the light is red, you are permitted to turn right, as long as you come to a complete stop first.

So the light is red, I can’t go left or straight ahead, but I can turn right after I come to a complete stop.

That is unless there is a sign saying “no turn on red.” Then if I come to a red light I would not be able to turn, left, nor go stright ahead nor turn right, untill the light is green.

I notice, no where I’ve been watching does anyone pay attention to those signs saying “No turn on red.” I could possibly see getting confused if it says “No turn on red 7am - 7pm” as you may forget the time, but that is what I mean


That was my understanding too, in at least three states. In theory, anyway.

I’m in Chicago and I’d never turn right at an intersection with a no turn on red sign. It’s an easy ticket for any cop who sees it.

Ah, I see **Andy ** has clarified. I think all those people ignoring the “no right turn on red” signs are looking for trouble - they’re usually there for a reason, as Bob Ducca points out. Of course, everyone is running stop signs and red lights without usually having a collision, so maybe not. Who the hell knows?

In Philadelphia, it sometimes seems that the cops won’t stop people for any traffic violation less severe than drive-by shooting. In the suburbs, where the police have less to do, I’ve gotten stopped twice for ignoring “No Turn on Red” signs.

There are only two “no right turn on red” signs in my area. One of them is there for a reason, because the view is obstructed and a right turn is dangerous, and people generally (not always) obey it.

The other, as far as I can tell, is there for no reason other than to give cops an excuse to write tickets. The view is unobstructed, traffic is intermittent, and you have to sit for three minutes at the red light. People blow it off when there are no cops around. Good for them.

Then there are the dipshits who honk at people observing a “no turn on red” sign. They should be tortured with exacto knives.

The entire Island of Montreal is a no-right-turn-on-red zone; there are no exceptions. If you’re allowed to turn right, you’ll have a green arrow (or regular green light).

Off-island (the rest of the province), it’s only been a few years that right-on-red has been allowed, and in most major intersections either a green arrow was already installed or they put up a No-turn sign. At smaller intersections, people turn on red more-or-less correctly (the “stop” is often a rolling one, like at stop signs).

As a result, Montrealers tend to get honked at for failing to turn when they are driving off-island, and others get tickets for making the turns when they visit the city.

I’ve also seen the signs at locations where you can’t get a clear view of oncoming traffic coming from the left, maybe because of a curve in the road.

In any case I agree with the OP: The signs are routinely ignored.

NO TURN ON RED, is a local law/ordinance, and your are correct, it means NO turn.

I live in Ohio and state statutory law (as well as Judicial law, OSC), gives Municipalites the right to post no turn on red signs. In Ohio we can even turn left on red from a one way street onto a one way street.

I bet most people don’t realize that this is allowed almost everywhere in the U.S.

I think that people that drive on a lot of one way streets are keenly aware of it.

I didn’t either. Never bothered so sort through traffic/motor vehicle codes for different states that much.

What annoys me to no end is the people that honk at you because you don’t turn right on red, even when it’s permitted. The key word here people, is “permitted”. It’s not required to turn on red, it’s merely allowed, so get off my fucking case!

What is it about driving on a lot of one way streets that you think will make one aware that when they’re on one and they come to an intersection with a traffic signal, they don’t have to wait for green if they want to make a left and the street they’re turning on is also a one way street?