Do you ever take mad turns when driving?

It’s a weakness of mine that I hate. If someone cuts me up or does something to annoy me, I cant help trying to take revenge on them (forcing ahead of them or beating them away from traffic lights etc). Afterwards I usually feel a bit stupid but at the moment I cant help myself. Do other people find this?

I do the traffic lights thing too! There’s a lot to be said about the satisfaction of zooming off at the lights and slowing right down when they’re stuck behind you :stuck_out_tongue: makes life worth living.

I also have the stupid habit of yelling myself stupid at people, when my windows are all the way up so all I succeed in doing is making myself look like a total moron to everyone watching…

Yeah. Thing is I overdo it a bit sometimes and end up scaring myself.

Griffin, it sounds like a possible anger management problem. It’s very common, but you’d probably do best to see someone about it. A psychologist, priest/rabbi, or someone who can help you out. Seriously, before you hurt yourself or someone else.

Everyone here in NJ has their own brand of road rage. I just prefer to lean on the horn, whcih gets the message across without being dangerous. I have a police air horn unit (“RRRR! RRRRRR!”) sitting in a box under my workbench. For the good of society, I haven’t installed it…yet.

-Andrew L

What has interested me has been my response and how it has changed from being an 18 year, 10 foot tall and bullet proof to a mild mannered, middle aged family man. But both revolve around the same occurence on the road

At 18, if some wonk was to crowd the rear bumper, then I would chop it down a couple of gears, take off and leave him in the dust - with a hearty up yours.

At 35, the same action be the driver behind me gives me the chance to have some ‘fun’. If there’s no way for him (generally a guy) to pass then I slow down, right down, and crowd the centre line. When a passing opportunity happens, I speed up to just over the speed limit (with NZ laws, you’re not allowed to break the speed limit, even when passing). Then, when that gap has passed, and he can’t get past, then slow right down again.

Damn it’s a hoot, watching their face go redder and redder

And yes, I feel a bit dumb afterwards, and I won’t do it with the kids in the car. Why that should make a difference I don’t know, but it should

I do.

I yell at drivers too. Especially the *car * drivers.

Whenever I take a mad turn on my bike, car-drivers seem to get angry.:slight_smile: