Do you fear your government?

Simple question.

I sure as the dickens fear mine. We have people who think torture is a good thing in charge.

Our government can’t even protect themselves from pies and chocolate milk. I would be scared of them why now? :smiley:

Only their fiscal policies.

They worry me, but they don’t strike fear in me.

That’s not to say that I won’t be scared of them in the future.

It is not the government I fear.
It is those who blindly follow without question.

Fear? No, and anybody who answers differently is a paranoid fruitcake.

Conservatives who acted as if the Clinton years were the beginning of the end were being ridiculous, and so are lefties who are wetting their pants in anticipation of the fascist state they’re sure G.W. Bush is plotting.

No matter who’s President, America copes.

Just be glad you aren’t gay and in love.
Tell me Amedrica copes.

Alarmist crap.

Depending on your time point you could say that about blacks, women, latinos, poor folks, jews, irish, catholics, what-have-you.

The simple fact is that we’ve always gotten through it and enlightenment has won out.

The truth is that the constitution and expanding liberty has won out time after time regardless of the actions of entrenched interest groups of many forms.

I’m not afraid of the government. I sometimes worry about the decisions they make, but then eventually if they mess things up enough, and anger enough of the population, we’ll vote them out and put others in who will change things back.

That’s usually the opposition’s platform. “Yeah, everything these guys did? We’re going to undo it all and make it like before! Didn’t you like it before? Vote for us!”

Depends what you mean by “our government”. :dubious:

I wouldn’t use the word “fear” yet, but I’m definitely concerned about the Highway to Hell this nation is being led along.

The only thing that worries me more than the current government are the people who support it.

Reeder, disguising this as a “poll” isn’t fooling anyone. If you must post these diatribes, do so in The BBQ Pit.