Do you feel you should be entitled to a skip work day?

You wake up one day, you’re not sick, but you say to yourself: “You know what? I’m calling in”.

Do you feel you’re entitled to such a break so long as they are few and far in between?

  • Yes, we all need a break sometimes.
  • No, any needed break should be planned in advance.
  • Mmm, something else.

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Not only do I feel entitled to it, I’ve done it a time or two.

As an employer, I’m okay with that, if the days are chosen wisely. (i.e., not a day we’re counting on you for something in particular)

My employer (me) recognizes that taking an occasional day off can do wonders for mental health, and there are times when an employee isn’t in the right head space to accomplish much. It’s as much of a sick day as anything else.

Sure, as long as you TELL work that you’re not going to be in so that no one’s expecting you to catch balls that you’re not since you’re gone. (Not that I’ve had to deal with this or anything…)

This, exactly.

Entitled to? Hell no. Then again, I’m loathe to call in sick, even if it’s warranted (but I realize that’s a personal hangup).

I guess it depends on who will be affected by it and what the culture is in one’s place of work. I work with a few people who feel this entitlement and it can really fuck things up for the rest of us.

If they don’t want me to take days off, they shouldn’t give me sick leave.

They give me PTO. I think that’s the definition of “entitled”

Agreed. I used to allow my kids to skip a day of school as well, as long as they didn’t abuse it.

Without prior notification? I agree, an employee is entitled to use those days as they see fit, with prior notice, or if you’re actually sick.

“Actually sick?” Who gets to define that? If I’m sick of dealing with my job and a day off will make me feel better about the whole situation then I’d say I’m actually sick. Mental health is also health, and mental health care is health care. Take the day if you need it. I think it’s a more valid question to ask why your employer feels entitled to your time if you’re not up to it.

I feel no guilt whatsoever. Time off is part of my compensation, and I don’t think I’m obligated to forgo it any more than I’m obligated to forgo some of my salary. At every company where I’ve worked in the last 15 years, “sick time” isn’t really a concept - you get a certain number of PTO days and can use them as you see fit.

If I don’t teach, I need to write a lesson plan for a sub anyway. If I don’t provide counseling, people go without their session (and I don’t get paid). Days off planned ahead strategically: Sure. As, “I won’t be seeing people Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Would you like to have an appointment on Tuesday?”

Meh. If I died, they would have to figure it out, so they can figure it out. I do take mental health days when I need them. And I don’t feel bad about it.

Until we all have equal, free, democratic access to the means of production, any employment relationship is one of coercion and taking a day off is an act of resistance. “Entitlement” does not enter into it. Should one be careful not to raise the boss’s suspicions? Sure. Other than that, it’s subaltern resistance and the lessons here are 1) it’s inevitable 2) it sucks being a boss (cue world’s smallest violin)

No work on a powder day.

I’d taken mental health days, but I only did it when I knew it wouldn’t affect a deadline or otherwise cause a problem. I didn’t do it often, but most of the times it was after I’d had a really bad, sleepless night and I knew I’d be close to worthless in the office.

I’m an adult, and as such, can manage my own time. I know if I have something due, or have an important meeting that day, so I won’t take a mental health day. However, it’s my time and it’s my call to make; entitlement doesn’t come into it.

And, if I may speak for your coworkers, take sick days when you’re sick. No one needs you germing up the place.

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It took Covid to make it happen, but my employer made it a policy now to NOT come into work if your sick (not just covid but any kind of sick). And the supes have been advised to send anyone home who has so much as the sniffles.

People coming into work sick, even before covid, has always been a pet peve of mine. So I’m glad my employer has done this.