I was supposed to be getting ready for work 35 minutes ago.

But I’m sat here typing this sentence.
Wondering whether to take my computer with me.

(Or even whether to go at all. Everyone else gets sick days. Figure I am due some)

I guess there’s one way to test the theory that I am ‘needed’.
Sorry if this is mundane. Close it if you feel the need or obligation to do so.

I’m sitting at my desk right now - really really wishing I had pulled a sickie!

Do it Do it Do it!!

I would pull a sickie (a real one) but as I pay me, I’d never get away with it …

I must have clicked on the wrong bookmark. Wait, I don’t have livejournal bookmarked, what gives?

Mood: apathetic.

I think you shouldn’t take a sick day unless you’re ill.
It’s a matter of how you want to behave.
(Also good bosses appreciate it.)

Well it’s a good job I didn’t pull a sickie… Doing some IT work for one boss I have aquired a new call center phone which will please two other bosses.

Same here.

Not feeling that hot though, didn’t sleep well. It was a good weekend, got a lot done. Very busy.

So, as I have 160 hours of vacation time coming and over 700 hours of sick time saved up, I called in sick.

I wish we had a personal day policy. I would have no problem using a vactaion day instead. With as much time as I have saved up, it really doesn’t matter.

I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with taking the occasional sick day for mental health. I’ve never done it but I wouldn’t hold anything against someone who did especially given that it would make them much more productive for the rest of the week.

Speaking of mental health, dude, what is up with that LJ entry that you linked in your first post? This is getting out of hand. You need to get into a twelve step type program or something and maybe see a therapist. Would your insurance cover that?

Well, you ended up at work today, so I think this thread has run its course.