Do you frequently not know what the date is?

It seems that every time I’m asked to sign and date something, I’m not sure what day of the month it is. I can guess to within 2 or 3 days, but normally I really don’t need to know. However, this makes me feel a little stupid when it happens.
Anybody else have this problem/quirk?

Yes, all the time. Sometimes there will be an event that I can calculate it from (“Let’s see Tuesday was my birthday, so this must be…”), but quite often I have to ask or look it up.

The date I usually know, it’s the day of the week that often escapes me. Being in sales and having several deadlines every month I have to keep up on the calendar date.

While I find it impossible to lose track of the day of the week, no, I don’t follow the date nearly as close. Frankly, I blame my eyesight. Over the last couple of years it’s become harder too see things close, including the date indicator on my watch.

I go through this calculation three or four times a day.

This used to be so much easier before the advent of DVR.

“Let’s see, we watched CSI last night, so today must be Friday”.

Now I never have any idea.

I can’t give an answer more accurate than this.

If said event is of greater importance to me, I’m more likely to know today’s date.

I know, without looking, that today is the 10th, but only because my coworker mentioned that Wednesday was the 8th, and I looked at my calendar to see, so I still have the mental image.

I have a gigantic desk blotter calendar in front of me at all times at work. So I look at my shirt to figure out what day it is, then at the calendar to get the date.

Took you a sec on that one, huh? Monday is beige, Tuesday is red, Wednesday I’m off work, Thursday is light blue, Friday is white, and Saturday is coral. So when I do my laundry, I line the shirts up in order and don’t have to think about what to wear, or which day it is. I just look at my shirt. BTW, today is Friday. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can usually tell you the date 8, 12 or 16 weeks from now, but today’s date is often a blank. I sell product which often has 8, 12 or 16week lead times, so I’m giving those dates out all day.

On the other hand, today must be Friday, since I’m wearing jeans at work.

I almost never know what the date is, or the day of the week, for that matter, without looking on my computer (if I’m at home) or asking someone (if I’m not). My excuse is that since I work at home, it doesn’t really matter what day it is, except when a i have a particularly hideous due date looming. Although even that doesn’t always help if I think, for example, today is Thursday and this big job is due Friday, and then I discover I was one day off.

Hockey Monkey, you’re either brilliant or a complete loon.

I’ll let you know when I figure out which one it is. :slight_smile:

Perhaps a little of both? :stuck_out_tongue:

This is why my watch has a date on it. Unless I’m wearing the one without the date. Then I look at the calendar. I tried looking at the calender, but my eyes got stuck in the rollers.

Considering I need to initial and date dozens of pieces of paperwork a day, yes, I know the day and the date. Since I’m also working two and three weeks ahead, I can generally tell you what a Wednesday date will be two weeks from now (Aug 22, in case anyone cares.)

I never know the date. And especially at the beginning of the month, I wonder if I changed the date to correct for the preceding month having only 30 days, so half the time I don’t trust my watch either.

I usually pound the date into my head on Monday. Other days of the week are dealt with by determining how many days have passed since Monday and performing the addition.

I’m retired. If I didn’t have to know when to rack my homebrew or set the DVD recorder for Formula One, I couldn’t tell you what season it was.

Holy crap, I have such a hard time with days and dates.

Here’s why:

I go to work one day and leave the next but it’s the same day when I go back to work as it was when I left, but the date is different. I start my workweek on the 7th day of the week and end my workweek on the 5th day of the week, yet I only work 5 days a week (usually)*. When I work my mandatory weekends, I end up working 2-3 weeks in a row without a day off to recuperate. So, when I start my new workweek, I can’t think - ok the weekend just ended so today must be Monday. For me, it’s - 3 weeks ago I had a day off so it must be Summer.

The sad thing is that I write the date and Julian day between 20 and 100 times every day. But, sometimes I have to write a previous date and it screws me all up. I usually have to look at my watch at least 3 times before the time registers and stays long enough for me to write it down on my inspection log.

*I start work on Sunday night at 10:40 and finish the week at 7:30 Friday morning. When I start work on Sunday night, this week, the date will be (hang on, gotta look it up) August 12 (took me two trys to get that right). I don’t know the Julian day. When I leave work on Monday morning, the date will still be August 12. But, when I return to work on Monday night, the date will be August 13th.

The weirdest thing that happened to me is I took a nap on a Saturday afternoon and woke up to the phone ringing. It was semi-dark outside and the clock said 6-something. I honestly didn’t know whether it was Saturday evening 6pm or Sunday morning 6am. I had to ask my friend on the phone whether it was night or morning…

I frequently don’t know who my date is, if you know what I mean.