Do you get bored easily?

My parents were fairly easy going but there was one thing that was sure to incur their wrath, that was myself and my brother complaining that we were bored…to the extent that the word itself was wasn’t allowed to be spoken.

I grew up in an isolated country area and as such had to make most of my own fun and entertainment, it helped of course that I had a small army of cousins and other miscellaneous relatives and friends who were always ready to engage in the latest piece of dangerous mischief that struck us as a good idea.

When trying to seriously injure each other and/or cause major property damage failed to amuse I tended to entertain myself by reading. I had an unhappy time at school to say the least and learned to disappear in my imagination into the latest story-world I was reading, which is why I have always loved science-fiction so much, I could spend hours just imagining myself as one of the heros I was reading about.

As such even as an adult I’m rarely, if ever, bored.

I believe that my parents taught me well and I dislike hearing anyone complaining that they are bored, children or adults. It really isn’t that hard to entertain yourself.

However I have to admit my idea of fun and entertainment isn’t what society seems to tell us it should be, I’m not a fan of pubs, nightclubs, loud music or crowds, give me a good book, a good movie, good company or a good argument/conversation and I’m content. :slight_smile:

What about you?

I did when I was young, but the older I get, the less bored I am. There’s too much to do and see and read for me to be bored. Sometimes, though, I get lonely, because I live alone and have only a dog to talk to. For a minute or two I might interpret that as boredom, but it isn’t.

I get bored easily, but always keep myself busy and amused to prevent it.

I’m rarely bored, though I still like to prod bystanders and tell them to entertain me.

I don’t really get bored, but sometimes I get sort of aimless–like if I have half an hour to spare and wander around thinking “Should I read a book? Do a job? Clean something?”

My 6yo will complain that she is bored and it makes me bonkers. Usually I tell her that I can always give her a job to do.

Disposable Hero, I bow to your parents! When my son says he’s bored, I say, “If you’re bored, it’s because you’re boring.” The house is full of books and games and art supplies, not to mention all the electronica. Dangermom, I’ve used your approach, too. Funny how boredom fades when the alternative is work! :smiley:

I get restless, as in an overly-long flight delay, but I can’t say I’m bored. I’ll figure out something to do. Hmmmm. How many words can I make out of “Continental”?

If I’m listening to a dull speaker and can’t leave without causing a commotion, I might get bored. But if I have my Kindle with me, I can even escape that now.

At home, I’m never bored. Like now. I haven’t gone to bed yet because there are so many things left over from yesterday that I want to do!

Of course I get bored. That’s why I read the Dope!

Every parent has heard the complaint “I’m bored!” And every parent replies in the same way, don’t we? I know I complained about boredom when I was a kid until it dawned on me that my parents idea of fun was not what I had in mind. There aren’t enough hours in a day for all the stuff I want to do now so, no, I’m rarely bored.

I’m sorry…yawn…what was the question? :cool:

Nope. I actually like that about myself - I’m easily entertained, so life is pretty damned entertaining for me. :slight_smile:

I have a theory about people who get bored easily - I suspect they aren’t readers. Take a person who can sit for six hours and do nothing but flip pages and keep themselves quite amused, and they’re not likely to be bored often, is my theory.

Oh, wonderful. I like that idea! :slight_smile: What a terrible, yet good fun, thing to do. (Until said innocent bystander calls for local police, of course.) :eek:

But I echo what others say here: when a child, you learn not to say that you are bored: there is always the risk of being asked to clean up the kitchen, or to do any household work enough to make the average child decide that reading, or actually doing some school homework, is preferable. :slight_smile: And when grown older, well there might be feelings of boredom, but also ways to deal with it.

As for prodding the bystanders, now how that does work? Do I simply prod them with a pointy finger, or a stick taken from a nearby hedge? Or perhaps an electric cattle prod (of dubious legality, admittedly) but might be fun to use on people at the 'bus stop or wherever.

I DO like this idea. I think I might try it out soon. :slight_smile: Ooh Yes!

No. I’m very good at finding something to do to entertain myself, even if it’s just staring into space.