What do you do when your insanely bored?

Besides typing on the SDMB (obviously). :slight_smile:

I watch youtube clips and read all sorts of obscure news in popular news websites. But I soon get tired of them, and return to having no idea what to do to alleviate my borderom.

So what do ***you ***do to help alleviate those boring moments, whether it be at home or at work?

I have two kids, 10 & 12, a full-time job, I play jazz guitar, I read 30-60 minutes a day, I work out three times a week.

What is this “boredom” thing? :confused:


Not a popular word, but I like it. :slight_smile:

Maybe study grammar:
your= possessive
you’re=you are=contraction

Two different words, two different meanings…

When I get extremely bored I have conversations with myself. I get into character and pretend to be my friends. I could go on like that for over an hour. Some of these conversations are actually more interesting than the real ones I have with my buddies, and on occasion I even confuse the two. :o

Kind of sad, huh? :frowning:

Typo :smack:

I always do this when I rush.

If any **MOD **could fix this, it would be appreciated.

Once, my Americorps teammate Rose and I were manning a booth for the Baltimore CASH Campaign, and we didn’t see anyone else for hours. We got so bored and deranged that we started playing with our pens. We made little outfits for them out of tissues and gave them names. Her pen was Mr. T Pen, a superhero (complete with tissue cape). His archenemy was the sinister Mr. B Pen and his girlfriend was ace reporter Balty Moré (so named because the word ‘Baltimore’ was written on the side of the pen). After we’d played with them for awhile, making Mr. T Pen fly around and talk to Balty Moré and Mr. B Pen, Rose and I began to realize we’d completely cracked.

Maybe not. Perhaps you could record yourselves and send it to me?

Then when I’m really bored I could play it. I’d invite myself into the situation, but I think I’d feel odd. I mean, I’d be the only non-you in the room.


  • “Jack”

I have the good fortune to have a perpetually horny wife. God’s got my back, you see, even though technically I don’t beleive in Her.

I take a nap. What better way to alleviate boredom and kill a couple hours?

I use the On Demand feature of my cable company to play a FIT TV type workout or yoga program, and I exercise. It’s a great way to kill 20 or 30 minutes.

Ah this is a problem I have at the moment. I don’t really get bored because I’m so busy, but when I do get bored it comes unexpectedly and really hits me. I need to find something to occupy myself when I cant do any of the things that normally keep me busy.

The last time was in august when I was in hospital lying on my back. I ended up counting the squares on the ceiling. Once I ran out of squares I imagined myself winning the London marathon.


Elementary, my dear Watson.

I jerk off.

I play “Zuma” and try to beat my previous records.

My SO goes to the bar.

Hahahaha, drinking it always helps, but hangovers ain´t so good.

Well, the political season helps make boring times a bit more interesting, but it can also become a tad tedious.

Reading the internet of course (someday I’ll have read the whole thing!). Mostly smdb, boingboing, and io9.

Watching whatever’s on tivo

If I’m driving, I play my favs playlist from my ipod.

If I’m away from home, I’ll read a book or magazine if I have them. If not, I’ll play a game on my ipod or listen to my ‘to rate’ playlist and rate my songs that don’t have ratings yet and add them to an on the go playslit as a to do list of songs that belong in other playlists.

And there’s always masturbation :smiley:

And naps.

If I’m still bored I can always like, do chores or paperwork.

Play with the twenty pound cats. They may be enormous but there’s a kitten inside them still.

Or read one of the ten thousand books I have in the house.