Do you get harassing emails from board members?

Im curious cause of Tuba’s nice letter above about this subject. I haven’t got any myself that I would consider harassing emails. Shucks, even if I did a harassing email would probably be a whole nicer than anything you can read in the Pit :slight_smile:

I’ve never received an E-mail of any kind from a member of this board.

Geuss I haven’t pissed anyone off too badly…

Oh, wait, duh…

Got one last week about PM’s silly little list over on Socks. That was the first.

Nope, never received one, and only e-mailed one person on this board, and hopefully it wasn’t harrassing, since it was more a concerned “Are you ok?” sorta e-mail.


I was going to say I hadn’t and was feeling left out, but if we’re counting PitMeister’salerts, I’ve gotten two. One for the “Clueless List” and another letting me know his deleted “nayh, nayh” post (under another name) was over at Socks.

Do you get harassing emails from board members?
Oh yeah. Comes with the territory of being a moderator, I guess. :wink:

Nothing I’d alarm the police about, though. Yet.

One. From a poster I hardly knew (know?) who appears, based on the e-mail, to be a total fruit-bat. I sent him (her?) an e-mail back telling him never to e-mail me again and that any e-mail received from him would be deleted unread. He promptly e’d me again; I round-filed that e and the other two he subsequently sent (unread) and have not heard from him since.

I get some pretty nice e-mail occasionally from people around here, but that was the sole negative one. Even people I’ve seriously disagreed with haven’t flamed me via e-mail; the Pit seems to suffice for that.

I don’t think I’ve ever received a harassing one, but I’ve received TONS of emails from people on the boards. Fanmail, mostly. :wink:


I’ve never gotten a harrassing e-mail, but I’ve gotten several nice ones. And several nice ICQ messages (never a harrassing one of those, either).

I’ve gotten a few… I’m in sporadic communication with Tequila Mockingbird right now…

And I got my first letter from a Mod or Admin telling me to cut my sig line down… I wrote back in a snide fashion, and now regret it, but it’s to late.

Ah well.

I’ve never gotten one harassing email. I’ve gotten a few in answer to questions (one of those questions being a politically sensitive one around here) and a total of two about my sig (from TubaDiva, before I made the link). Come to think of it, I don’t get much email, period. Anyway, my free address is listed here and I will reply to any and all messages sent to me. I guess I use the boards I’m on for mental expansion rather than social networking.

About 8 months ago, I got one from someone whose user name I didn’t recognize telling me he(?) had seen my picture on the people pages (Opal’s, at the time) and he thought I was “real pretty”. Nice compliment, but…I hadn’t been on the Board in about 5 months (at that time) due to work constraints and, not recognizing the name, just deleted it.

Sorry I had been rude. I should have at least said “thank you”.

My bad.

The few e-mails I’ve gotten from Dopers have been cordial, and I’d like to think the few I’ve sent have been the same. Of course, being the loving, lovable soul that I am, what else would you expect? Now do excuse me while I polish my halo before I frolic with the little creatures of the forest…

The first round of emails I got were from women saying they enjoyed reading whatever I said. Then a small round from Tuba with her usual phrase ‘I expected better from you’ because someone read the Swedish sig line of mine & found it a bit offensive. Then someone wrote who said there was a topic about me in the Pit. But no nasty emails…yet.

I got a pic of naked men from Canadian Sue, but I didn’t consider it harassing. :eek:

I made a wisecrack one time that elicited an email saying, “Why are you calling me an alcoholic?” Someone had asked for an etymology, and after giving it I closed with, “Now save some of that beer money and buy yourself a decent dictionary.”

Another time there was a strange thread in GD, from a poster whose name was that of a breakfast cereal, who said that he/she was dying of an unknown, incurable disease–and listed a series of diseases that this “unknown disease” was related to (none of which were themselves related). When I voiced skepticism over the legitimacy of the claim, I received an email saying that he/she would be willing to share any documentation on the case–but of course none ever arrived.

I got an e-mail from Susan Bananahands that threatened Persephone’s life, but I don’t put a lot of faith in being made out of newspaper and duct tape who type with hands made out of bananas, regardless of how much etiquette has been read to them.*

*For those who don’t comprehend a word of the above, I’d advise you just ignore it, as it is mostly an inside joke, with a bit of psychosis added for flavor.

I’ve never received any harrassing e-mails, but I suspect that’s because I stay the hell out of GD and The Pit. I try to keep my posts on the mundane and pointless side. :slight_smile:

I’ve only received one out-of-the-blue e-mail from a poster. My e-mail is listed, and I wouldn’t mind if anyone sent one, but sniff nobody does. Wahhhhh!

I once got an email from someone who wanted to discuss whether or not I have ever had sex with a man with a Prince Albert :eek: but other than that nobody ever emails me.

nice to see I am not alone in this though

I’ve had emails from Dopers about a Dopefest, and emailed a mod once or twice, but beyond that not a sausage.