Do you get harassing emails from board members?

Before I changed my username I received several e-mails which, while not necessarily harassing, were somewhat insulting.
It was a long time ago, so I didn’t save them, or report them. What was I going to do? Say “I’m tattling on you…” It was my own stupidity or naievete (sp?) that caused the problem, anyway.
The people who sent them aren’t active posters on the board anymore that I am aware of. (No, they probably just lurk like I do.)

I sure as hell hope that my clone, Susan Bananahands, has not been threatening anybody’s life except my own.
I would have to stuff a few knitting needles up her nose for such an offense.
She can be a bit evil, but usually it’s MY life that she tries to take, seeing as she can pass for me and do whatever it is that evil clones like to do.
The bitch, I’ll KILL her!

Oh wait- you just misremembered my name, didn’t you?

Persephone, let me know if Susan Bananahands gives you trouble because I might have to dismantle her.

I got an email today from someone wanting to change my record of not getting any harassing emails. But it’s a double message so I don’t know if it counts. :slight_smile:

I’ve sent any number of harassing emails to just about everyone on this board. Does that count?

No, but I sure would like to.

Not only have I never had any harrassing emails from other members, I also haven’t even had one of my threads shut down or moved! I don’t think anyone has sworn at me, either. It’s enough to make a girl feel like she’s missing out on something!

I’ve been ignored, though. Tons of times. Sheer indifference might be worse than threats.

taps mike,her brow furrowed Is this thing on? Anyone? voice gets whiny and pleading Hellooooooo? sniffle

I’ve gotten a number of “naughty” emails, from women who appreciated my picture on the People Pages.
But the only real abuse has come in the Pit. I’m surprized that area is so popular with the newspaper. They seem so stuffy about everything else, and here’s a place that’s a lawyer’s dream, with lots of people being bushwhacked with some pretty strong stuff. I guess it’s considered OK because we use stage names, but the people are real enough, and you wonder what to expect if you go to one of the gatherings.

I’ve gotten a number of nice emails from people. There have been a few not so nice ones as well. One time Hastur took an argument we were having to email, which was probably a good idea, as the thread was staying in GD by a hair at the time. Another time Bosda D’chi of Tricor let me know in 72 point type that he didn’t appreciate my comment that his sig was friggin’ huge. Nothing all that bad.

I also got an email from The Urge/OgreFade/Thoughts, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as what other people got from him. He also flamed me over ICQ once, but that actually ended rather amicably. And a long time ago, a poster named Johnpope sent me an email saying “bite me” in response to me pointing out that he seemed to be the same poster as Johnpriest, and that he should clear it up with the mods. The next day, a troll by the name of FlatULance used my email address in my profile to get me banned for a couple hours.

Oh, and I got an email saying it was from ChiefScott’s email address with something he said on the boards about the email he got pasted into it just recently.

As for the nice ones, keep them coming. I love getting shit from you people.

I once got an e-mail from TubaDiva to shorten my sig. It wasn’t harrasing, it was actually refreshingly polite.
But then again, I can just wait until I do something trollish… oh yes…

Let the good times roll.


Nothing harassing at all.

Recently, I got something from someone regarding Hopkinsville, KY. I replied to him but lost the message shortly thereafter.

There’s also an old letter from July 1999 that’s still in my old Yahoo mailbox regarding something I wrote that I presume was about race in GD. Quite possibly the only time I thought I had achieved something on this damned board. If O ever disable the account, I’m printing the thing out.

Just the opposite. The only e-mails I’ve gotten were from people who wanted to take a topic off the boards with me. And I got a very nice e-mail from someone apologizing for a reply he made to one of my posts.

Nobody ever e-mailed me about my annoying habit of hitting the enter button after seven words until I stopped it.

I’ve exchanged e-mails with Flypsyde about the logistics of the first Spiffle. I’m sure I’ll be doing the same in a few days.

I’ve e-mailed the mods a couple of times asking them to close a coupla threads, and they’ve politely e-mailed me back.

I’ve exchanged e-mails with Eutychus55 about my Teemings submission.

I’ve politely discussed a couple of topics off-board with some very nice dopers via e-mail.

I’ve never sent/received anything harassing.