E-mails from strangers, anyone?

I know that Drain started a Pit thread about a really nasty e-mail she got from someone who used the e-mail address she uses here. Has anyone else received personal (not necessarily nasty) e-mails from people they do not know recently? I ask because I have.

Now, I know that every now and then people will send stuff to the wrong address by mistake but it very rarely ever happens to me at my hotmail address. I have received two e-mails in two days from someone I do not know.

The only reason I opened them (not recognizing the sender) is because I have some business-type stuff going on right now and I have people contacting me about that. However, these e-mails are not about that.

They are from a female and they are rather personable. They are not just random either. It is hard to explain but it’s almost as if she is sending the e-mails and then responding to an e-mail that was returned. You know, like she is carrying on a conversation with me—only I’m not talking but she’s acting like I am. Does that make any sense?

I mean, I didn’t respond to her first one but then she sent a second one (with no mention of why I didn’t reply to the first one) just carrying on like we had spoken.

Okay, essentially, I just want to know if anyone else has had anything like this recently and/or does this sound weird at all to anyone else?

Incidentally, I did get a little spooked when I read Chronos’ thread about a mysterious, unidentified someone leaving a note on his desk congratulating him on his moderator job.

Maybe Dopers are being stalked one at a time by people all over the world!!!

Or maybe I’m just paranoid!

Is it a sign of mental imbalance that I’m a little envious of you?

I hardly even get emails from people I know, much less strangers. I must say, though, if you’re going to have a stalker, an email stalker is the best kind to have! At least she sounds friendly.

The best/worst (depending on your POV) I’d get would be people sending me E-mails about how much they liked my website. Usually, they’re pleasant, which I respond to. If they’re simply unreasonably unpleasant (i.e.- “your site is stupid your stupid you smell”) I don’t even bother.

I must’ve gotten one or two E-mails by mistake, but none were of personal nature… except one from one of my friends’ that had her E-mail account hacked, and someone sent some of her saved E-mails to everyone in her address book. THAT was weird.

My husband has gotten onto someone’s urban legend/glurge mailing list. We have no idea who this person is, or who any of the other people on the list are either. I told Johnny he should write and tell her that she’s got the wrong address, but he thinks it’s funny.

I’ve had somebody I don’t know write me out of the blue from where my e-mail address was on the headers of an e-mail he was sent. This is why we blind cc, people! He was nice, but a little creepy nice, if you know what I mean.

I once received an email from someone trying to find his father. He found my name (same as his father’s) and email address from my company’s website. It was very sad, and looked like he had sent a great many similar messages.


Someone who saw a post from me mentioning my back surgery e-mailed me about it and we’re having a discussion. She’s very nice and I am happy to help.


yep, can confirm the strangermail phenomenom.

Not yet… In my old account, which was <firstname_lastname>@hotmail, I used to get stuff that was obviously intended for someone else of the same name, but I have yet to receive unsolicited or unexpected e-mail at my fairychatmom address. Come to think of it, I rarely get e-mail that’s not something forwarded or a direct reply to an e-mail I sent. Funny - I used to deal with the same thing when I wrote snail-mail.

sudden realization dang - nobody luvs me… and no, this isn’t a thinly veiled attempt to get e-mail. Really… it isn’t!! I’d not do that! I’m not that pathetic…


no stragne email, but I do keep getting URLs for porn sites sentto my ICQ number, which is weird, cos I’m invisible. I assume they have a program that just increments the number by one and sends the same message out…

I get e-mails from people asking about filmmaking. But that’s what my site is about. Sometimes they’d ask for an Eclair NPR camera manual and I’d e-mail it to them (I’ve since put it up as a link, thanks to the advice of some Dopers who told me it could be done!).

Other than that, I get the occasional e-mail from someone who’s wondering if I’m someone they know.

I don’t GET stranger mail–I send it! :wink:

Actually, I try to limit it to people I know or, at least, have a passing familiarity with me so I don’t come across as a TOTAL stalker, but I am always worried my intentions will be misinterpreted.

My hotmail account used to get e-mails from a woman talking about all kinds of sexual activity she wanted to perform on the recipient. It wasn’t spam, because there was no link or sales pitch in it, just mail to her lover gone astray.

I’ve gotten at least seven this week, but they’re all but a few, regarding my webpage.

I’ve never gotten any strange email. I know my university mail server, which I can use for life, has a pretty good spam filter, so I rarely get spam. I hope it doesn’t delete emails from weird internet stalkers as well.

I think I just need more to do at work…


I have a little side interest in destination weddings and I’ve set up some webpages about this. One of the major internet wedding sites once asked if they could list me as an ‘expert’ on this, which I agreed to even though the title is laughable.

well, sometime in the last week, apparently an entire lecture hall of Taiwanese university students found/were given my name as a “wedding etiquette expert.” I have received close to 100 emails in the last week, all asking me wedding questions (though a few asking me about general etiquette for funerals, etc.)

I don’t know the answer to these questions.

I don’t have the time to answer them.

If I don’t answer, they send the mail again, pleading that this is for homework.

If I do answer to ask them not to contact me again, they don’t always understand my message due the language difficulties.

ARGH! I finally set up my e-mail to autorespond to any of the 5 servers they are sending the mail from. It’s absolutely incredible, the volume. AND IT’S MADDENING!

I rarely get e-mail from people I know, let alone strangers. At times I feel my e-mail is simply acting as a repository for a slim amount of spam.


I once received an e-mail from someone whose e-mail address was the exact same as mine. It was some random sales pitch thing, but still it was creepy to see my own e-mail address as the sender.

I wish something like this would happen to me! Let me answer the emails for you Cranky. I would love to start making up my own etiquette rules. Especially etiquette rules for funerals.

After the funeral the widow/widower throws the wreath from the coffin. Whoever it hits is going to be the next one to die. :slight_smile:

Oh Cranky, you are missing out on so much fun.

I haven’t received anything too strange. I do get a lot of e-mails for “Hot Teenage Sluts.” Why I get that I’ll never know. My SO must have been looking at some porn and got on a list or something. I block the address but they keep coming. I don’t want to respond because that will just confirm they have an active e-mail address and they’ll keep sending it. Oh well, what can ya do?

I once got an e-card from a girl called Julia. No idea who she was. It was to a boy called Jim however, and she told him that she loved him. I was even fair enough to write her back that I am not a lesbian called Jim :wink:

And then I got a mail from somebody who had seen my siganture at SA - and asked who the girl on the pic was. Uhm…me.