Is anyone getting weird mail at their SDMB e-mail ?

In the last ten minutes or so I’ve got a bunch of mail to the e-mail in my sdmb account. That e-mail is private and I haven’t given it to anyone else.

It looks like someone has subscribed me to (looks like a mailing list) then someone posted a message, someones auto-reply replied and now we’re in an endless cycle.

( They’re auto-reply doesn’t seem to check if it’s already replied to an address )

Anyone else getting this, I’ve looked at the headers and I’m sure that the real destination is the address I registered here with. I’m also fairly sure that I only used that here and at the temp board.

I’m not complaining (unless the mounting snowball dumps hundreds of mails on my computer by tomorrow, ten or so I can handle) just wondering if anyone else got this ?



That happened to me, too. I already unsubscribed from that list.

Was it some email about “You’re using my old e-mail address”?

Yes! I got eighteen of those stupid things just a little while ago. I was wondering what in the world was going on. I didn’t even attribute it to it being my email address for the SDMB, but only a few people know about this address.

I also got some auto replies from Yahoo Groups, too. I don’t even belong to any of those.

Wonder what’s up? Perhaps it’s just some kind of website guy spamming emails. Surely he’ll get bored soon. (crosses fingers)

Yup, that’s it.

So it does look like they got the e-mail from the here or the bbboy website then. Weird.

I wonder if someone stole the user e-mails when the board was hacked.

Maybe it’s just one of those things.


And on preview I see SilkyThreat’s been hit too, yeah I got the Yahoo auto-replies as well.

It’s basically we got subscribed (somehow) to a discussion list, then someone posts, that mail goes to everyone, someone on the list generates an auto-reply, this replies to everyone as well.

The really nasty part is when the auto-replier replys to its own automatic reply. The way out is to unsubscribe from the discussion list, although that has the side-effect of showing that your e-mail is valid to any spammers watching.

It seems to have calmed down on it’s own anyway.

I got it too, and it worries me, because I think my E-mail address is limited to 25 letters per day. Anyway, if it picks up again, is unsubscribing the way to go?

I got it too. Weird.

Anyway, I blocked the addresses, so at least I won’t see any more e-mails from these people.


Yep. I got 10 of them too.

Some of them are responses to the newsletter, saying “why on earth have you sent me this”. It concerns me that I now have the email addies of a heap of strangers. I wonder who has mine.

My email addy isn’t even public on this board. :frowning:

Yes, I got it too. I’ve unsubscribed. I got something like 10 auto replies from one address, plus forwarded messages from people responding to those replies.

Oho. I got it as well. The worst part was getting caught in that endless email feedback loop, and the people who couldn’t seem to read the headers. They got the auto-reply, replied with, “What are you talking about? I didn’t send you any email!” which got sent to everybody on the list, and in turn generated another auto-reply. I got at least 20 emails within the course of half an hour. Arrrgggghhh. I set up a filter to dump them in the trash, but sending an email to the unsubscribe address seemed worth the risk, and seems to have worked. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, anyway.

I’ve got about 20 of them so far.

How do you unsubscribe?

They are multiplying as we speak!

Well, what do you know. I’ve got two of them as well.

As a data point, I haven’t gotten any e-mails from or about this newsletter. I also didn’t sign up at the temporary SDMB.

P.S., I think removing yourself from the mailing list actually just sends more e-mails out.

Ok, I’ve just unsuscribed. Does anyone have an e-mail with my addy?

I checked all the headers, and everything is originating from ( The IP resolves properly on a DNS.

My guess is that the email addresses were collected during the hack. Mine was public prior to then.

Not possible, reprise. I had changed my board email address before the hack, and it got reset when they put the boards back up - and the mail I’m getting is to my current board email address.

Hmmm. it’s not happening to me.

of course I :

A. don’t have my email public here and

B. don’t ever subscribe to the ‘email me when some one responds to this’ (I got burned on that the first month I was here by posting to a ‘are you a cat lover or dog lover’ thread. gads the emails I got off of that!)

Bugger, it’s even more worrying that our email addresses have been harvested if it’s current. It means someone has found a way to access email addresses which aren’t public. :frowning:

Either that or they harvested the addresses a couple months ago and didn’t do anything with them until just now.

Actually, it would’ve had to’ve been back around January for them to’ve gotten this address, unless they did it post-hack.

Foo. I was hoping that would’ve been at least a slightly plausible possibility.