Do you get "Have I got News for you" in America?

Do you get the UK show? Do you have your own version of it?
It’s one of my favourite shows. Good stuff.
That’s all.

One of my favorites as well. A pity Angus isn’t hosting it anymore, though.

We have it in Dutch: “Dit was het nieuws”. I don’t think we stole it. We must have paid dearly for it. :wink: Not half as amusing, though. Even if Raoul Heertje is in it. [he was a guest in the BBC Have I got news for you.]

Yeah, I liked Angus. But the Guest Host system works (and is an ironic phrase).
Off the top of my head some good guests were Clement Freud (I couldn’t tell if his funniness was deliberate) and Boris Johnson.

Ian Hislop is hardly ever funny but the show wouldn’t be the same without him.

Is Boris Johnson that blonde conservative? Yes, that was brilliant. Funny how the conservatives often stole the show. I liked the Germaine Greer and Jo Brand ones.

And the tub of lard, ofcourse.

Yes, the blond, permanently confused conservative.
They had the Elton John Lookalike on once and I they were pretending it was elton. So I assumed it was him. But I got a bit suspicious after a while because he wasn’t speaking. I don’t think he spoke a single word in the whole show.
I love…

No, we don’t get it.

Obviously its some sort of current events humor but without knowing more it’s hard to say if we have one of our own or not.

We have “The Daily Show” (name itself is a joke as it’s only on M,T, W,Th) which is a satirical take on the day’s news/Interview show with both political and non-political guests.

It’s unlikely to work in the US. It’s topical, so really needs to be aired within a week to be funny, and concerns UK news. So I imagine that viewers from any other country would just spend their time saying “Who?”, “What?”, “The Mirror?”

Just like Paul Merton does? :slight_smile:

I love being able to answer questions like this! That is, knowing what you’re talking about, as I’ve been introduced to HIGNFY recently. It’s great to be an expatriot :cool:

Anyway…I can’t think of anything we have like it on television (although the Daily Show is a great program…sorry, programme :smiley: ). The closest thing I can think of is Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, which is on the radio.

You can hear it here actually…

For me, the give away was the subtitles they showed on the screen every minute or so throughout the show. They went something like (from memory)

Alright, it isn’t really Elton John.

We hired Elton but he cancelled at the last minute.


This is Bill Smith, The Elton John look alike.

He stepped in at the last minute.

To book Bill call 555-12345678

He won’t let you down.

Unlike Elton John.


hehehe, I haven’t seen the Elton John one [yet]

Futile Gesture It is not *all * UK news, is it? I can follow it pretty well. I don’t read the ‘The Mirror’, though. And like the Dutch, Americans could make their own version of it, right? It’s a great show.

I checked Google. There isn’t even a website for HIGNFY. :frowning:

It was before those appeared that I was suspecting it wasn’t elton.

The last messages said :
“next week we’ll have Britney Spears”
Futile Gesture There’s a fair share of world news on the show too, and a lot of world-known issues in the games (GW Bush appears in the odd one out and caption competition rounds).
I know it would have a lot of Americans confused, but I thought it’s such a good show that it might be one of those that make it onto obscure US channels.

It’s one of my favorite programmes, although I don’t have a TV here (Halls of Residence).

Did I read that A new series was starting soon? I thought it was a winter programme? perhaps I just read that the BBC had commisioned another series, although still without Angus.

There is a series currently running. I am not sure when it started and if it is only running in the UK.

I am in the UK, although I’m halls of residence and don’t have my own TV - so I’ll have to commandeer someone else’s (Is there a pirate smilie?*)

[sub]*Arghh, shiver me timbers![/sub]

In that case it’s Fridays 9:30 BBC1.

Thank you Lobsang, although it now occurs to me I could have just looked at a TV listings…:smack:

Still It wouldn’t have been as fun as talking to the son of Time :wink:


Yeah I felt a bit dumb giving you such easily obtainable info in a post (but then I decided “meh”)

meh: And a repeat tonight at 23:45 BBC 2.

Which is so good. By posting here, I forgot it yesterday :smack:

Naturally there’s world news as well (though that may still prove a problem for US viewers :slight_smile: ) but I imagine that odd-one-out isn’t half as much fun if you haven’t the slightest clue who three of the people are.

I still say that topical news comedy rarely works in other countries. I can’t think of a single example of such a US programme being successful in the UK. And if “Spitting Image” couldn’t transfer to the US, “Have I…” certainly won’t.

No reason why the format wouldn’t work though. It is, after all, hardly new or revolutionary. “The News Quiz” has been doing it on radio since forever.