Do you guys have really slow/overloaded fast food in your area?

Even during Covid, I would say most of the time the line is reasonable and moves okay.

Timmy’s often has longer lines but they move fast. If it looks too long I would just go inside or think twice about their modest offerings.

The Harvey’s restaurants here are quite clean; can’t think of one that isn’t.

Once recently at a hamburger place I was asked to pull up and wait. Took ten minutes for a very typical order, but was hot and freshly cooked. Atypical, so nothing to really complain about. Likely due to staffing.

Occasionally a fast food place will give you large amounts of bad food. I remember going to an A&W and they seemed to be trying to unload their stash of cold food. Got three times the usual amount of onion rings. Cold, they were barely worth eating. Does this happen to other people? (Tims’ has often been generous with extra food at end of days, I’m talking large amounts of sub-par stuff.)

Around here, San Francisco / San Jose, the craaazy looong lines are at In-n-Out and Chick-Fil-A.

Funny, but because of reading this thread I downloaded six more fast food apps. I now have a page in a folder for them all —

I came here to mention Chick Fil A. I can run through a double drive through line of theirs, with 80 other cars and make a 1.5 lap around the building in the process, and still be out faster than if I were in a mc’ds or Whataburger drive through with only 8-10 cars ahead of me. They got the process down as far as I can tell.

There’s a McDonalds down the street from where I lived (off Salt Lake Blvd in Honolulu, Hawaii, near the stadium) that was always slow no matter the time of day. A number of times I waited 15-20 minutes in the drive-thru, only to have to wait for my order when I got to the window. There was another store about a mile away, but I always told myself I’d give this location one more try.

The last time I went there, I was the only one in the drive-thru and the manager decided it was more important to talk to to the cashier for several minutes right that moment and distract the cashier from taking my money.

I complained a number of times and got a free sandwich the first few times, but they stopped responding to my emails after about 3-4 complaints.

My dream is to hit the super lottery, buy the location and fire anyone who’s slow. The manager who slowed down my order would be first to go!