Do you hang around in the general forum (at your fave forums)?

[aka Off-Topic forum]

The Dope excepted because they aren’t really set up like that here, despite the presence of “General Questions”. I mean a board devoted to Swiss Yodeling, Canadian Kayaking, Sitar Noodling, or Insert Your Favorite Pastime Here, which typically have an off-topic forum for miscellaneous chit-chat. The places I frequent I do so for very specific reasons; they have information on topics (games, for ex.) which I am interested in. Since these “general forums” aren’t devoted to these topics, you will hardly ever find me there.

But other people on this planet obviously have vastly different rationales, and spend most of their time in the general forum. On rare occasions one of them will pop into one of the “specific” forums (usually to do a drive-by posting), and I’ll go, “Who the hell is that and how the hey do they have 5,000 posts yet I’ve never seen them before?” Just odd, 'tis all. :massive world-weary shrug:

MPSIMS is the SDMB’s general forum, as I see it. But yeah, sometimes I frequent the general forums on specific interest sites.