Do you have a "minimalist" desk space and/or home office? Show it off here!

Hello all!

I’m in the market for a new desk for my PC. This one is small and cramped, as seen here. I’m looking for cool ideas to get a good minimalist look and feel going for the future desktop area. Having more space between the peripherals (keyboard, speakers, etc) will of course help out the look. Losing the Converse shoe box below my monitor probably will also help.

Show off your minimalist desk areas.

I could post a picture of my computer space but I don’t think minimalist is the term I’d used for it. It probably isn’t an effect you’d want to emulate.

Yeah, apparently the SD is full of packrats. :stuck_out_tongue:

Absolutely; surrounded by action figures, toys, gimcracks and gewgaws. Visually very cluttered. But it’s comfy to me, and gives my eyes things to rest on when I’m stressed.

My computer desktop background is, similarly, hopelessly cluttered. But I know where everything is.

(I hate it when, now and then, Windows decides to re-arrange all my icons! Phoomph!)

I don’t use computer desks, I just buy the biggest flat table I can find for a reasonable price: much cheaper! No pics, but mine normally has the keyboard, mousepad, mouse, a small flatscreen TV to use as a monitor (being a TV, it doubles as speakers), a notepad, a can of soda with the top removed to use as a pencil holder, and my drink.

The table I like to use at Mom’s holds the hot laptop on its cooling/riser base, keyboard, mousepad, mouse, drink.

I have a pretty minimalist setup (by my standards):
Desk and Office

It looks better during the day with plenty of sunlight pouring in.

  1. Declutter
  2. Steal some ideas from
  3. Profit !

Damn I can’t even get past 1.

I could never live with your space except to test a computer. That clock radio takes too much space and doesn’t need to be there. The monitor should be on a platform so you could use the space underneath. The wires are not addressed neatly. I’d be kicking them all the time.

I have about 12’ of desk space in an “L” shape plus shelf space to the 10’ ceiling. I spend too much time here to be cluttered.

Oh I’ve searched all over the 'tubes for minimalist setups and have seen some pretty nice ones but they always seem faked or hollow. I wanted to see some real desk top setups, even if they’re not technically minimalist.

Reply’s desk was nice and clean and not as cramped as the desk the loser of an OP poster.

Not bad, but I’d keep the roll of toilet paper on the other side.

I can’t see the link in th eOP, but here is my dream desk space:

One of the downsides to this setup is that the over side pretty much never gets used (there’s shelves below that section, making it hard to sit behind).

If I were in some sort of competition, I’d care more about the looks… but right now it hits that balance between usability and aesthetics just right for me :slight_smile:

Is that an actual thing that Amazon has for sale? I want to get one for where I work. I would so lose weight with that setup!

I’m not putting up a link showing my desktop space out of respect to my mother, who taught me better housekeeping than this, but I think my setup itself is pretty cool. My desk is a 9-1/2-foot by 33" slab of 1" painted wood (actually several boards held together with biscuit joints, etc.) that rests on wall-mounted shelf brackets from Menard’s. The slotted wall hangers for the brackets extend above the desktop about 18" and I have a couple of shelves mounted on those. Cords are controlled through several notches cut in the wall side of the slab.

This gave me a lot of space for my two PC setups (one of which I will be getting rid of next week when I become unemployed) and all the peripherals I need, plus lamps and books and whatall. Because the desk is supported by the wall, I have plenty of space to stretch out my legs or put a few dog beds under the desk. This year’s addition to the project is to hang a ceiling-mounted drapery system so I can finally have my dream desk, impervious to both cats and dust.

You can build something similar yourself… we did at work :slight_smile: And cycling doesn’t have the up-down bumpiness that a treadmill does.

Of course, nobody ever actually uses it.

Here’s my basement office, where I spend all of my working days.

Clean smooth lines

The desk and file cabinet are basic Ikea offerings.
The only objects I normally keep on the desk are my phone, Squeezebox radio, monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

The hidden mess

I use short shelving standards and adjustable shelving to hide all of the tech stuff (router, NAS, switch, among other things)

With guitars

Everyone should have guitars in their home office :cool:

I love the available surface area and the shelving.

And I’m drooling with envy at the landline phone. I bet you can actually HEAR people on that thing.

The retro landline is out of necessity. I spend most of my days on conference calls. If they weren’t so darned expensive I’d have a Polycom.

The desk is one of these.

(And the Internet service is 25 down / 25 up. Why suffer with mediocre net access?)

I’d never heard of biscuit joints before! Thank you!

(Reading SDMB threads is a little like reading the encyclopedia at random. You learn stuff you didn’t even know you didn’t know!)