Do you have a piece of pencil lead embedded in your skin somewhere?

I have one in the middle of my left palm, still visible. I’ve met enough other people who also have jabbed themselves with a pencil and still have the souvenir that I’ve come to believe it’s not a rare thing. My wife has one in her knee.

You can share the story if you like.

I got mine during an all-night scramble to finish a forth-grade research paper on beavers.

Yep, back of right shoulder. Inflicted by a playful stab from a female classmate when I was in the seventh grade. Her pencil had recently been sharpened and about a sixteenth of an inch of it broke off. I made the situation worse by trying to dig it out with a straight pin and succeeded only in breaking it into a powder, creating a mini-tattoo that has stayed with me ever since.

I had one in my palm from the 1960’s but I can’t see it any more. I haven’t thought about it for decades. I suppose it’s still in there somewhere.

Well, I have a scar on my eyelid from where a pencil was stuck in my eye. It is exactly pencil colour, but I never considered that that could be because the lead’s still in there.

Had to answer no, because it’s a piece of cactus. I have a smudgy white scar, and an inch away a smudgy blue tattoo, on my leg from when I jumped over some kind of succulent plant when I was seven, and fell short. It resembles aloe vera, but had a spikier leaf.

Hmmm. I haven’t thought about it for years, but for most of my life I’ve had a dark spot in the middle of my right palm from an accidental pencil-jabbing. It’s still just visible after 30+ years.

Mine’s in my shin. The pencil was on the bed, I needed to reach something on the shelf over the bed…

It was around 20 years ago, and the spot is definitely lighter than it was, but it’s still there, and clearly graphite color.

Right index finger between the first and second knuckles (starting at the hand). I tell people I have the world’s smallest tattoo.

two dots, about a half inch apart on the top of my right palm, one almost in the web between ring and bird finger.

A friend pretended he was gonna stab me with two freshly sharpened pencils in 4th grade (1980) and I bit on the feint, threw up a block, and got a homemade tattoo.

I’ve got a mark on the fleshy part of my hand between the thumb and index finger that I received in 1988 in highschool. My best friend was goofing around and stabbed me with a mechanical pencil.

I have a dot of lead in my knee from kneeling on the bus seat where the pencil was unknowingly lurking when I was 6… I tell people it’s a tattoo of Earth as seen from a great distance.

I had a bit of lead in the palm of my hand when I was about 10, there’s a very faint mark still there. Right there - no, THERE, don’t you see it??

I also got a pea-sized shard of glass embedded in my thigh. Years later, it itched like hell, I scratched and scratched, and it started bleeding and there it was. Picked it out with a pair of tweezers.

My brother stabbed me with a pencil when we were kids, so I have a piece by my left knee. Got him back, though… he still sports a scar from where I scratched him with my house keys.

I’m gonna have to answer “maybe.” I remember getting a piece stuck in and thinking that it would work it’s way out, but I can’t remember if it ever did.

In 7th grade my somewhat best friend Bill started dancing around, cackling and jabbing at me with a sharp pencil. It was in homeroom before the school day started. Bill was a short, uncoordinated kid with a high IQ, whose dad had been transferred to our small town to manage the local Macys.

The little asshole actually jabbed my bicep with his pencil. I stood up extremely pissed and he jabbed me again. I clipped him on the jaw, he went down to the floor. When he regained his feet he was angry and amazed that I had actually punched him.

Bill and I were never close friends again.

The two lead marks were visible for 25 years but seem to have faded away.

Seventh grade for me, too. Mine’s in the inside bend of my right elbow. I was carrying a spiral-bound notebook in an armload of books, and the notebook had a sharpened pencil stuck point-down in the spiral. The tip broke off right where I had the stack of books held in the crook of my arm.

No, but under a fingernail I have black ink from an accident with a pen nib in a calligraphy class about 30 years ago.

Mine is also in the inside bend of my right elbow. I got it over 35 years ago (don’t remember the exact circumstances) and I was sure that when I checked it would be gone. But it’s still visible.

I had a blue mark on the back of my hand from my sister stabbing me with a pencil for years - it seems to be gone now. What do only children do for stories like this? Who else makes your life miserable growing up if you don’t have siblings?

Mine’s in my left palm, lower right quadrant, directly across from my thumb.

It happened in high school – my pencil was rolling down my desk, and I grabbed it. The point jammed into my hand, and as I lifted my hand, the pencil hung down. I pulled, but the point stuck in. It’s still there, and will probably be used as a way to identify my body should the need arise.