Do you have a superiority complex?

Do you feel that you are superior to the majority of “common folk”?

Fools! I do not have a complex! I am superior, the master of the human race. Soon, I shall unleash my criminal army and rule the world!

You require the help of an army to do that? :dubious:

Actually, I’m quite meek and humble. In fact, I may just be the most humble person on Earth.


I’d answer the OP, but it’s beneath me.

No, but I, just like everyone single other wanker here on the SDMB, believe I am above average.

Dead serious, non-snarky answer: yes.

Of course, it depends what metric you use.

I just happen to catch one of the polloi glancing at my Patek Philippe and I realized, “Why yes. I am.”

Mods: Please do not move this to IMHO. This is a fact, not an opinion.

On the other hand, it’s not open to debate, either.

I do think that I am more intelligent than most people. I don’t know if I would say superior as a ‘blanket’ statement. Because I’m kind of a lazy fuck and as such don’t use my intellect to its full potential.

Of course I do. Doesn’t everyone?

No, but I do feel that I am superior to the elite.

Anyone with an IQ greather than 100 can honestly make this claim. I count me in.

IMO, it’s not a complex if it’s true. I’m smarter than most people. I shake my head and roll my eyes at the blatant stupidity out there. At the same time, I’m not a superstar athlete. I watch in slack jawed amazement at their amazing abilities that are far beyond my capabilities. Both are facts, and can be proven with minimal effort. If one is a superiority complex, the other is an inferiority complex.

“greather” <chuckle>!

It worries me given some of the stupid things I’ve done over the years (and should have know better than to do) what those people on the other side of the bell curve are capable of. Luckily, I think most of them are at home watching Maury, So you think you can dance, Survivor, NASCAR, and Soccer, thus keeping out of trouble.

I’m better than most people at some things and worse than most people at others.

I do question the rationality of religious people or devotees of pseudoscience like homeopathy when I meet them. Not that I immediately think I’m smarter than them, but I wonder what fucked with their development so hard that they’ve accepted fairy stories as reality. Is that a superiority complex?

Sometimes I think I must be one of the smartest people in the world. I know god doesn’t exist, which puts me in a small group already. And I also think that Oswald shot Kennedy by himself, the WTC was not wired with explosives, and that astrology and homeopathy are bunk Not sure how to explain the fact that my grasp of math is weak and I am barely making a living.

Really, so your adherence to trivia is what makes you feel smarter than others?

Common as muck, me. Well, except for my superior penis size…

How does a disdain for foolish beliefs equal “adherence to trivia”?

Because it’s not a measure of intelligence. You can have disdain for the same beliefs and be a moron. It just shows that you conform to your ambient culture.

Usually intelligence refers to one’s ability to understand things. It’s very telling that derision for people they believe to be morons are the standard by which they judge their own intellect.

For me it’s the ability to understand what I read, what I am told, my ability to put disparate concepts together and see a larger whole. The ability to look at the parts of a subject and separate them into distinct units and to evaluate the cohesion of those ideas.

It’s an ends/means thing. To me intelligence is judged by the means, not the ends.