Do You Have An AAA Decal On Your Bumper?

If you are a member of the American Automobile Association, you have no doubt received AAA decals in the mail. When you received your decal, did you peel it off and affix it to your bumper? What prompted you to do so??

Since bumper stickers are exceedingly difficult to remove, there must be some advantage to having it on your car otherwise no one would bother to do it. What is the advantage?


Bumper stickers aren’t that hard to remove, but you’re right. The card is all you need.

I’m a Triple-A member, since 1970. Back then, There were two reasons to put the sticker on your car. First, they were reflective, making your car a little more visible in the dark. Second, the old stickers promised a reward to anyone helping to recover a stolen car with the sticker.

I don’t recall even getting a sticker in recent years. Neither of our rides now wears a Triple-A sticker, but I might have one on an old toolbox.

If you don’t put the sticker on your car, you automatically cede rights to your firstborn child and your house to AAA. It’s in the fine print on the membership agreement.

You know, I’ve been a member of AAA for 14 years now, and I’ve never put the sticker on my bumper. Not a conscious decision on my part, actually, just never got around to it …

Hrm. I’ve never gotten a sticker.

I thought that a AAA sticker served as a helpful warning sign, similar to the sight of a duffer hat behind the wheel, that the person navigating the car was extremely elderly, and that you should stay far, far away … especially near farmer’s markets.

The usual AAA decal often comeswith one large decal and two smaller decals on the same backing. I’ve seen cars display all three decals on their bumper as one group, including the unseparated, excess area between the individual decals.

I used to be a member, decided I didn’t like a lot of their policies and politcal manouverings that aren’t good for the environment, and discontinued my membership.

They send me the damn stickers all the time and I throw them away. I don’t want to renew, they don’t quite get that.

Much like Mynn, I also dropped them due to their political lobbying, as well as their policy of only covering motorcycles if you got the Plus Membership plus the RV option, which was mongo bucks.

AAA South membership = $60
Plus Membership = $90
Plus RV Membership (needed for motorcycle coverage) = $120

I had a less than perfect bike at the time, and Shell Motor Club covered bikes for the regular flat membership rate, and were not anti-motorcycle. I joined Shell.