Do you have any cute first cousins?

I had a 2nd cousin who was the first girl I "felt"anything for (in the back of a snowmobile when we were 10). Brunette, very cute, but we moved away soon after that, only saw her one more time a few years later (which hinted that the chemistry was there). The good news was that, since I was adopted, she wasn’t really my cousin, genetically-speaking.

Ooh, a fun poll! I had a first cousin who was smoking hot- crazily so. I saw her at least once a month while growing up and our families spent a lot of time together. She became a nun- and is all over the convent’s website and literature (for fundraising) as she is definitely the hottest nun anyone has ever seen. She’s also a middle school teacher in a Catholic School.

So no, I never wanted to incest her, but she is definitely way more than cute.

Or you’re someone who can’t find the attractiveness in anyone. We’ll have to see some family pictures for objective analysis.

Yup, got quite a few attractive cousins. Would never do anything with any of them, as my family tree is screwed up enough as it is. My great great aunt is also my grandma, plus my sister and me are also 1st cousins.

There are three first cousins of mine that at one time or other would qualify as being attractive. Two of them are ten years or more older than me and the other is five years younger. Age differences put 'em firmly outside my radar.

From my parents’ generation down everyone’s pretty good looking on both sides. There were some pretty rough looking men and women in my paternal grandfather’s generation, though.

I have four first cousins - one of them is quite attractive. We actually get along great, and have commented that it’s a shame we’re cousins. But I’ve never been ‘attracted’ to her, and I don’t think she has been ‘attracted’ to me…in that way.

Briefly, while my sister was married to an older man, her then husband tried to set me up with his really hot daughter, who happened to be my age. Technically, I was something like an uncle at that point. No issue, since she lived in California and I live in Florida.


I have a good looking cousin named Eileen. One time I was out with my friend and we ran into her. After she left, my friend was saying how good looking she was. I pointed out to him that he had a good looking cousin named Leslie (who I knew from high school) so I offered to trade cousins with him. We both agreed to the exchange but we couldn’t figure out a way to get the girls to go along with it.

Although as it turns out, I ended up hooking up with Leslie anyway a couple of years later.

Yep, several. Only saw them a few times a year, so nothing strange went on.

A friend of mine has college-aged son & daughter; one of her pastimes is wandering along and seeing somebody and thinking “hey, that person would make a good match for my son [or daughter]”. She’s caught herself doing this a couple times and then realized that the person she’d spotted was a niece or nephew.

I haven’t seen any of my cousins in years and years and years. But when we were younger, yes, several of them were attractive.

I’ll have to throw myself down a well after this. Or order a cilise on Amazon.

As an involved dad, and band chaperone, I’ve been around teen girls for 3-4 years now.
None of them so much as raise my eyebrow. They’re just kids.

Now with junior off to college, I’ve been chatting with my high school buddies on Facebook about their new college freshmen. Their daughters are super hot. Lord help me, I don’t want to be a DOM, but at least a dozen of my friends kids are stunning. I visit junior at school, or drop stuff off and the hotties are like flies around there! I have to tell my wife to get me out of there before I start staring and create a scene! :smiley:

Somebody must have attractive first cousins - cousin marriage is legal in quite a few states.

Everything looks good through cataracts. Why do you think Monet’s waterlilies are so pretty? :smiley:

Yep, I’d say my cousins (on my dad’s side) are all good-looking, but the idea of dating any of them? Eeeew. Growing up, we were almost like siblings, so the idea is just too disgusting to contemplate.
Quite frankly, the idea of dating any family member, close or not, no matter how good looking, skeeves me out. (Maybe I’ve read too many V.C. Andrews novels)

“Do you have any cute first cousins?”

All I have to say on this is: “Oh, Boy!”
Or, to be proper, and answer your question, I should say : “Yes, yes I do.”
Family gets together after 20 years for a funeral or something, I look around and think: “I share these genes.”
Perhaps I have something going for me after all.

I’ve got several cute first cousins, all on my mother’s side. And their kids tend to be super-hot.

Got one who was quite the looker when we were eight and 25 years later, but with a personality that makes seeing her every 25 years too often, so though we’re due I think I will pass.

I have some seriously-photogenic cousins on my father’s side. My father’s sister married a Swede, and all their descendants are good-looking. Since the connection to me is by marriage, I don’t share any of those Swedish genes. I didn’t really know them when I was growing up–they lived in Germany or the West Coast–so it was a little eye-opening visiting their house much later and seeing all the school pictures and summer-holiday memorabilia (“so that’s what it’s like to be popular…”)

I don’t have many first cousins. Grand total of six, from both sides of the family.

One of them is a spectacularly beautiful woman. I mean like magazine-cover, movie star beautiful. She’s younger than me – she’s 40. I remember her as a little kid when I was a teenager. I guess she was a cute kid. I never really gave it much thought. But I saw her recently and realized, in a sort of objective way, that she’s grown up into a drop-dead gorgeous woman.

There’s no attraction there. I don’t feel any desire for her. But I can look at her and recognize that she’s quite beautiful.

I have only one female first cousin, and she’s a horror show. Among other things, emptied my aunt’s bank accounts and left her destitute.

Is she cute? Beats me - I haven’t seen her since before I took to noticing girls.