Do you have any cute first cousins?

I’ve thinking this one over, that there must be some incest taboo operating here, if I’m correct in finding all of my many first cousins utterly repulsive creatures.

My mother had six siblings, all of whom had several kids, and my dad had siblings, too, and every single one of their offspring are completely disgusting to me, despite all of my female cousins being objectively shapely and not conspicuously malformed in any way–but still unspeakably unattractive to me.

What do you suppose is going on? A genuine incest-taboo? Coincidence? Familiarity breeding contempt? Family resemblence?

Is anyone attracted to his or her first cousins? Do you ever think, “Man, if we weren’t so closely related, I’d be all over that”? Anyone? Bueller?

I had 40+ cousins on my mother’s side (seven siblings in her generation, one had no children, one had three families, others had 2-6 each). There were two girls my age and I had a significant crush on one of them - fortunately, perhaps, she lived 2000 miles away. The other was attractive enough but one of those perpetually violent types who couldn’t interact for five minutes without some kind of show of physical dominance, so I didn’t care for her or her older sister.

I have about 30 first cousins (my mother had 10 siblings; my father only had one brother, but he had 8 kids). I have several female cousins whom I feel (or, at least, I did when we were younger, and closer) are extremely attractive – one in particular, on my mom’s side.

AFAIK, the feelings were never mutual, and I was never in a position to pursue anything about it, anyway – mostly, they were a few years older than I was, and at the time when I had crushes on them, I was a gawky young teenager.

Maeby. It’s hard to say.

I am not attracted to any of them, but I have one (significantly younger) first cousin who is notably attractive. He’s got a Ph.d in physics from a top university, runs marathons, climbs mountains, and seems to be a genuinely nice and thoughtful guy.

Oh, sure. I even had a crush on an older male cousin when I was, oh, 7 or 8. I’m not attracted to any of them now, but yes, a few of them, both male and female, are very beautiful people.


In answer to the OP’s question, ew, no. Just… no. Even the ones who are good looking, I think of as adorable, the way puppies are.

My one male first cousin is a fairly handsome guy, not my type though, and my 4 female cousins are all very pretty (and the prettiest one looks so much like me that everyone thinks we are sisters, which is flattering). I’ve never felt any attraction to them though, even though we we’re not raised together. Two of my uncles (by marriage) were foxy as young men, though. Totally my type.

I have a lot of first cousins. I don’t think they’re repulsive.

I have a couple of really hot second cousins I met once.

I have one who I guess “objectively” is attractive in a traditional sense. I’m not attracted to her but if someone said “Hey, your cousin is cute” I’d get why he was saying it.

Three of my five first cousins are females, and I think they’re fairly attractive. I was thirtyish when I first met any of them, though, and they’re all several years older than I am…

It’s worse than that: all of my cousins on one side had at least one attractive daughter!:eek:

I have two first cousins (actually I have five, but I’ve never met three of them so they slip my mind). They are both, to my eye, reasonably attractive without my being attracted to either of them. I’d go so far as to say they are both more attractive than either my sister or me. Their mom is a lot prettier than our mom, whereas I’d put our dads at the same level of average attractiveness.

Objectively speaking, I suppose two of my three male first cousins are pretty attractive (which is, obviously, not to say that I’m personally attracted to them, and anyway one of them is far too young for me even if he weren’t my cousin).

I only have two first cousins, and they both can range in attractiveness from “really good looking” to “meh” depending on how they take care of themselves.

My oldest cousin can be a very good looking fellow when he keeps his facial hair in check and stays in decent shape, neither of which he has been doing very well as of late.

My other cousin can be very attractive when she isn’t overweight, a problem that she has consistently struggled with ever since she had her first kid.

No, I don’t have any romantic inclinations towards either of my cousins haha, but I can see why somebody may or may not find them good looking.

I have no first cousins. My mother had one sister, and my father has one brother, but neither had any children.

That doesn’t doesn’t add much to the thread, I suppose, but I’m occasionally reminded how small my family is. We could hold the reunion in the corner booth at Denny’s.

Haven’t seen any of my first cousins ( six surviving ) in decades, but when we were younger I’d say one of them at least was attractive by normal standards. I was never attracted to her, as she was a few years older and a bit domineering ( not unkind, but she suffered no bullshit from younger cousins ). But objectively she was reasonably pretty as a teen and early twenty-something.

ok, I get the point: I have an unusually unattractive family.

I have a few 1st cousins twice removed that are cute, but … ew. That’s just gross.

I have a female cousin that is drop dead gorgeous, hotter than a firecracker as they say, but no, hell no and eeew gross. I can appreciate that she is beautiful but I am not attracted in any way.