Ever Been Hit on by a Relative?

I have an uncle who sends out an email to the family every week or so detailing the going’s on of the family and updating everyone on Grandma Mung’s health. Every time he mentions my youngest cousin, to whom I will refer as Wee Mung, I always think of how she flirts with me every chance she gets. She’s still in high school, so even if we weren’t first cousins and I were interested, she’d be jailbait. I just can’t believe how awkward it is sometimes, being hit on by my youngest cousin.
Anyone else get hit on by over-zealous cousins? If so, how the hell do you deal with that?

Depends on what you mean by “flirt”. Do you mean she hangs all over you and makes sleazy inuendo? Or does she just joke around and tease you and like hanging out with you? If it’s the latter, it could just be how she acts towards everyone.

Yes. I liked it, but he was exactly my age (2 months different). If he wasn’t my second cousin, and was, say, my fourth, I’d be happy to marry him even.

My wife’s uncle hit on his grand-daughter. No one’s quite sure if he knew who she was. Actually, I think everyone wants to give him the benefit of the doubt.

I had a cousin hit on me back when we were high school age. She was pretty and a year younger than me. She was also so monumentally fucked-up that, even though I was an oversexed teenager, I still didn’t want to go there.
These days, I understand she is carrying on a weekend affair with her late sister’s husband.

My cousin gets hit on by our step cousin. He is the stepson of our uncle.

Why this is yucky/stupid/annoying/makes me mad:

  • He is 30-something, she is 22
  • He has 4 kids and has been divorced twice
  • He lives in AZ, she in Ohio
  • He asked her one time if she was the “President of the Itty Bitty Titty club” this was like LAST YEAR. If I had been there I would have clocked him.
  • He’s generally a jerk and a mama’s boy
  • For some reason his mom thinks this behavior is “cute”

She has been in the hospital lately and he has called to hit on her while she was there!

Ick ick ick ick ick.

Not any dirty innuendo in person, but definitely hanging-on and physical touching. Touching hips at unusual times, holding onto my arms, sitting extra close. If there’s a seat open next to me, she ALWAYS sits in that spot.
The innuendo came several times through email or IM. She would try to coax me into talking about ual or ask about how she could seduce a guy (being a guy, all I could say and still be facetious is “bake him a cake”). Creepy kinda stuff. She’s an alright kid and really smart. But she’s got mental baggage (it’s another thread, but I am utterly, completely, beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt convinced that I attract only gals with disturbed mental health backgrounds).
The crappy part is that I really love her like all my cousins; we’re a tight-knit bunch. It sucks to think I couldn’t have a normal relationship with her because I’m going to have it in the back of my head that she might want to unzip my pants. Y’know?

No, I have never been hit on nor have I ever hit on a relative. However, my first cousin’s wife acted all jealous because he and I sat down and talked about what kind of fun we had when we were kids together. It took me a while to figure out why she was acting so pissy. I was much amused about it when I figured it out; I considered telling her I didn’t screw my cousins and she could relax. I decided to let it alone, however, in the interest of family harmony.

It won’t post certain words…therefore I will misspell and make it clear. Argh.
Line three, post 7 should say:
“…coax me into talking about s*xual f@ntasies…”

So, did she bake you a cake?

My 30+ distant cousin, when I was 16.

He blatantly offered to “teach me a thing or two”. The fact that I was good friends with his then wife, who was in hospital after a miscarriage, creeped me out far more than him being my cousin, though.

My uncle hit on me when I was 16. I laughed in his face (**not ** the reaction he was after.) He was arrested for Statutory Rape of his daughter’s best friend 2 years later.

No. No, she did not.

No, never had anything like this happen (phew!!!).

Hey, Hung Mung, all you have to do to get her to stop this is let her get a gander at your back :eek: :smiley: (I have never been so grossed-out-yet-fascinated in my life as I was by that thread and the others referenced there!).

Mom. For years. Wish it weren"t so, but there it is. Shit.

I guess it’s been bad for most people. I’m sorry to hear it. Apparently i’m the only person who’s had a good experience?

I used to make out with my cousin. But we were pretty young, and it was all pretty innocent. Even her fundie parents thought it was “cute.”

Yes. It was a cousin. I won’t go into any details, but at one point in my life, she confessed to me that she had always felt a “special attraction” with me, then she planted a big, passionate open-mouthed kiss on me… and that was it.

I recently had an opportunity to score with a cousin by marriage. It just didn’t seem like a good idea, though.

I had a cousin once offer to hook me up with her cousin. When I pointed out that we (me and the girl she was going to hook me up with) were also cousins, she said, “Eww! Never mind!”