Ever Been Hit on by a Relative?

My first cousin used to try to kiss and touch me when we were both in high school. I especially remember a day when I was walking home from the bus stop and he was waiting for me in the woods. shudder It swiftly got to the point of making my life miserable. One day when we were alone at the house and he started his shit, I got out a steak knife and told him I was going to chop his dick off if he didn’t stop. He grabbed my wrist and got a nasty scratch. We never had any trouble after that day.
I did tell my grandmother about this not long afterward, and she said, “Well, don’t tell your uncle about this. He’d be really mad.” :rolleyes:


When I was a freshman in college, I met a cousin that I had never met before. (He was on my father’s side, and he lived in a different city about 30 miles away from me)When he suggested that we go out for ‘coffee or something, to get to know each other’ I assumed it was actually to get to know each other and talk about our family. We were related after all.

But no.

We went out for ‘coffee or something’ and suddenly his hand found itself resting on top of my hand while it was on the table. A gentle stroking action started to take place.

I quickly withdrew my hand and gave him a strange WTF??? look and it suprised him. He asked me if he was moving too fast and I quickly explained that not only were we cousins, albeit 3rd or 4th cousins, but that we also had the EXACT SAME LAST NAME and nothing whatsoever was going to happen between us except for maybe a hello at a family reunion.

Then he cried and I went home. I haven’t seen him since.

:rolleyes: :mad: And herein lies the problem, and the reason why incest is so prevalent.

I agree. No one wants to rock the boat and create strife. My g/f has a cousin who was dang near d by a slightly more distant cousin. The family has made a pariah of him and I find it appropriate. I couldn’t tolerate being around that person.
I’m lucky that my cousin Wee Mung put the ball in my court to turn her down.

“…dang near r@ped…”

I asked her about it again years later and she claimed not to remember it, then implied my cousin had probably just been joking around. Grandma’s led a very sheltered life and she’s keeping it that way, gosh darn it. I have no desire to rake this up again anyway.

Oh, no, I don’t think you should rake it up…unless it’s still preying on you. I can’t see it doing any good.

I just think incest needs to be talked about more. We’re so afraid of child molestors and stranger rape but no one talks about incest.

Because, like Grandma there, no one wants to admit it can or does happen in the family. On top of that, no one wants to make a stink and press charges and bring the stigma and attention on their own family.
Por ejemplo: We just found out that my uncle from the OP has also been cheating on his wife of 30ish years. We all made damn sure that no one outside the family knew who didn’t need to know (it doesn’t matter here since no one knows the fam). What happens inside, stays inside. I wonder if that’s universal or just a Western thing?

When we were little kids, my sister Libby was in love with all our boy cousins–who were all at least 10 years older than her. She would declare that they were cute, that she was in love with them, and that she was going to marry them. (I guess she pictured life as an incestuous polygamist?)

When she was 7 or 8, she would literally chase these poor guys all over the place. From the time we showed up on a visit to the time we left, they would be running for dear life, with this little blonde terror hot on their heels. One cousin actually hid down in a bog for several hours to escape her. They would usually collapse in exhaustion the minute my parents loaded her into the station wagon.

None of this is exaggerated. She really took puppy love to the extreme.

Second cousins are legal most places. :slight_smile:


Legal is one thing. My family would have flipped.

I had a friend in high school who dated his 6th or 7th cousin. They wouldn’t have known that they were related except that they had the same last name. At that distance, the blood ties are pretty negligable, but of course all his friends gave him shit for it anyway. :slight_smile:

My first cousin while visiting from across the country when she was 19 or so - felt the need to show me her nipple piercings. (I was about 30 years old at the time)

I didn’t ask to see them.

I guess she felt very comfortable around me. But we were still practically strangers.


Oh, almost forgot. While we’re on the subject of incest and second cousins: some of my second cousins are in prison for incestuous rape. That’s the hillbilly side of the family (sorry to perpetuate the stereotype).

Actually, on an interesting note, my 'rents found out many, many years after they got married that they’re actually distant 5th cousins. They discovered a co-worker was a mutual relative. Luckily, it’s been over 150 years since that union.

Hung MungWhen you first posted this I thought you were joking to cover up a typo, but then it happened again.

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Something on this computer literally won’t let me type certain words. For instance, g irl doesn’t show up: “girl”
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I haven’t got a f ucking clue.

i give up

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