Do you have any dangerous knowledge?

Required not to is more likely, I would imagine.

I have a little knowledge and they say that’s a dangerous thing.

I actually have very little knowledge, so I must be very dangerous.


Everyone of reasonable intelligence and common sense should possess some small bit of “dangerous” knowledge.

I am sure some of the things projects I work on have confidential information that could get me in trouble with the the powers that be. Nothing dangerous of course.

Only clear and present danger to self and/or others. Same as in the real world.

Back in the 80s, I was doing a job at the embassy in Vienna with my team (working for Diplomatic Security at the time). We got a phone call from the boss in Frankfurt telling us that we were going to be there a bit longer and to just sit tight, as some more people were headed our way. The first ones to show up pulled us into a secure conference room and told us that we would be doing a full shakedown of the executive suite of the embassy, as the Deputy Chief of Mission was suspected of betraying the US. We had to sit on that information for a couple more days while other team members arrived. The diplomat was Felix Boch.

I know when it’s going to happen. But not where.

I had a Top Secret clearance in the Army and I was around a lot of crypto gear, equipment, and info that was classified secret. In the event of war, secret stuff was supposed to bump up to top secret or some such. I don’t remember any of it offhand and I would imagine that it’s all been superseded since the mid 90s, so I doubt it’s really worth telling someone just to get to kill that person.

Now of course killing someone for knowing classified info doesn’t give the killer a “get out of jail free” card. That person’s going to be tried for murder and divulging classified info.

Nope, sure don’t.

Don’t know if this counts, but right about now I’m in a dangerous mood.

I know the reading levels of some third graders. The amount of security that surrounds this knowledge is sufficient to make me think it must be terribly dangerous.

At various times I’ve known the locations of method labs, pot fields, and the identity of wild ginseng sellers. Revealing that info to the wrong person could’ve been very dangerous to me.

Pretty much every adult in the world has the knowledge that nuclear explosives are both possible and in existence. At a certain point in history, that would have been valuable knowledge.

All knowledge is dangerous.

Did you get pics of his S&M activities?:smiley:
As a lawyer I know quite a lot of information that if released would be damaging to specific peoples, but nothing earth shattering.

No. I’m just a nice guy with a good memory who has worked in lots and lots and lots of different fields.

Nope, but we heard that he liked to spank his KGB hooker and have her bark like a dog. Oh, and I misspelled “Bloch”. It took over a month to tear that place apart and do all the necessary poking, probing, etc. I remember the ambassador’s secretary getting up in our faces on about the third day, as we were carrying out the furniture. Then a very serious-looking dude came and took her somewhere to have a talk.

Dangerous to who? To me? Oh yeah. Other people? Not so much.

Wait, I thought he was a submissive.

The poor KGB agent must have been either bottom (!) of her class at spy school, or she slept with the wrong persons spouse. It cannot have been a plum assignment.:eek:

As a computer person, I’m always finding various “OMG, I shouldn’t be allowed to see/change/play with that!” I stumble into DBs sections I shouldn’t be able to access across the web, networks that I could roam around at will, entire email directories laid bare, etc… Lots of that sort of stuff.

I never report this since I known a lot of people who have tried to let the people know about their lousy security and find out:

  1. Most people don’t care.
  2. If they do care, they actually retaliate against the person who provided the information.

Who needs that?

So I just leave it and move on.