Do you have any dangerous knowledge?

I mean stuff that might at one point in time, past or present, have gotten you into big trouble. For example, most folks (I’d hope) know that the D-Day invasion was at Normandy on the 6th of June, 1944. Knowing that tidbit in the Third Reich would have been a piece of info that would have been worth your life. What else is there? Obviously I’m not asking for any current classified information.

I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.



And now you can spend the thread guessing, cos I ain’t telling you!

Several years ago, police around here had a very tricky method to bust home marijuana cultivators with basically no evidence. I wanted to get on top of a building and shout “Don’t let them in the door, you’re being had!”

But I liked being employed, so I didn’t.

I guess that’s not ‘dangerous’, though.

Yep, used to work for the FBI, DEA and the Pentagon as a contractor.

I know a bunch of stuff about my sisters that I store up for the first time the new boyfriend has dinner with the family.

If you think that’s not dangerous knowledge, you don’t know my sisters.

I worked at the Pentagon as a contractor, too. Twice. The second time was to build a failover datacenter at an undisclosed location. However, I know where it is! And if I told you… well, I wouldn’t have to kill you… the Pentagon has Special Forces for that :cool:


Stay tuned.

Not dangerous but financially large.
I’ve been privy to insider info that was worth millions if leaked.

While in a nearby city I ran into a man and woman in a restaurant. They each have a spouse. Awkward!

As a lawyer, I have access to information which, if leaked, would be very valuable.

Needless to say, leaking it would get me in very big trouble.

Yeah I know how to create a dangerous chemical reaction using baking soda and vinegar (that’s as specific as I can get)

Eh, just some extra-marital shenanigans that were revealed later anyway.

What he said. Potential class actions against large national retailers.


Felons say the darndest things.

In my 37 years of federal service, I held a variety of security clearances. I knew a lot of cool stuff that most people didn’t know, but I don’t think any of it was dangerous. In fact, most of it was pretty mundane, but if you knew how to put it all together, it was worthy of protection.

Of course, now I’m retired and I’ve been away from the cool stuff for some time. I can no longer watch the evening news and know the story behind the story. Bummer.

I bet you hear some doozies! Are you required to report things to the powers that be?

Not information that’s dangerous in itself. However, I do have access to a glut of personal information about millions of people that would enable massive identity theft. Only an idiot would amass and give out something like that. So, in a sense, it could be dangerous.

I have a copy of Home Workshop Explosives. I haven’t memorized it yet. It’s, as you might guess, a fun little book with full instructions for making

Fuel air explosives





RDX (cyclonite)

Ammonium Nitrate Mixtures.
I haven’t gotten a friend with a chemistry degree to go through it yet. But based on the bits I can follow, the numerous molecule diagrams and chemical equations, and the many warnings in the book, I think it’s the real deal.

PLEASE NOTE- I do not intend to ever attempt to actually make any of the explosives in the book. It amuses me to have the book. It also (along with most of the offerings of Paladin Press) comes in handy when playing any role playing game set in modern times.