Do you have any specific requests about your funeral/burial?

I just got to wondering if anybody else thinks about these things.

My mom has told me on numerous occasions that she absolutely does NOT want me to get her an expensive casket. It’s kind of funny when she talks about it, because she just thinks it’s a big rip off, and not worth paying for. She’s just sure that my dad or my grandma will talk me into paying for a really expensive casket if she passes away before they do (God forbid).

Anyway, I thought it was funny at first, then I got to thinking that it was probably a good thing to tell my husband that I really do feel the same way. I don’t think it’s necessary to be buried in an expensive casket. It’s just a big waste.

And my own personal quirk about dying/being buried is that I don’t want to be buried in an airtight casket. I read somewhere (maybe on this board) that a body decomposes FASTER in an airtight casket, even though they cost more. For some reason, it just freaked me out a little bit. So when the subject comes up, I make sure and tell him that I don’t want to be buried in an airtight casket.

My HUSBAND has told me that he wants me to play “The Dance” at his funeral, but that’s all he really cares about…

I just got to wondering if anybody else had issues, or requests! :slight_smile:

Send me to glory in a Glad Bag
Just put me out on the curb next Tuesday
Let the city sanitation bear me home

More likely, cremated and placed wherever my survivors feel appropriate, which is not necessarily (or likely!) in the ground with an expensive marble slab.

As for airtight caskets, I dion’t think there’s any other kind, other than the “cremation caskets” which are typically just big cardboard boxes like what a fridge would come in. A lot of states have laws requiring sealed caskets and concrete vaults for those being buried.

Absolutely no open-casket viewing thingy. No, no, no. I do not want people seeing me when I’m dead and remembering me as some body in a coffin. My mother had always said that she did not want an open-casket funeral because her father had had one and that was always how she remembered him and it was awful. Unfortunately, when my mother died, my grandmother overruled us and there was an open casket anyways. I couldn’t even look. And of course the whole make-the-body-pretty for the open-casket thing was a waste of time and money since she was cremated anyways… We also had a huge collage of pictures of my mom from her whole life set up near the entrance, which was nice, and I think I would like that too.

And just like my mom, I want to be cremated and have my ashes tossed over Niagara Falls. Even though it’s illegal to do that. Um… you didn’t hear about that from me. :smiley:


What you do with the ashes I don’t care. I just don’t want to end up in some museum 3000 years from now in a box.

I have watched some TV shows about ancient civilizations and cringe. These people wanted to be buried, to rest in peace. Not where they end up in some museum on a shelf or on display. It totally amazes me how we display the dead and ancients defying what they held dear.

I have no idea where this idea came from - I don’t think I came up with it myself, but I can’t for the life of me remember who did. Anyway…

I’d like to be cremated and placed in an urn for a memorial service. After the memorial service, I’d like anybody who wants to to be able to take a little bit of my ashes and scatter them wherever they feel it’s appropriate. I don’t seem to be able to stay in the same place too long while I’m alive, so I don’t see why I should have to after I die.

Personally, I would like to be detonated. Followed by a HUGE beach party.

Don’t laugh.

holds laughter, busts out laughing! :slight_smile:

Funeral pyre.

In my front lawn.

Just pull a burning permit and wrap me in the old sheets and toss me on the old crappy hand me down white elephant furniture, sprinkle me with some gas and light me up, baby.

This how ever, is probably illegal.

I’m 18, so it’s no something I’ve given a lot of thought to. However I’m an atheist so I’ve made it clear to my parents that I don’t want a religious funeral. God is NOT to be mentioned.

We did this to my best friend. Very close to it, anyway. Not everyone at the memorial got to take some ashes home though. I still have mine, waiting for the right time and place. Very touching.

No expensive caskets for me, what an incredible waste of money…and dont even get me started on all the satin and lace pillows and stuff, I’m quite sure I wont be into “comfort” at that time…
A simple pine box will do… thank you very much…

However, I really dont like the idea of being buried OR cremated…YUK to both

I did just read about having remains sent up in a “ship” of some sort to outer space, and the remains let loose up yonder…
THAT would be the way to go!!!

Open caskets are BIZARRE as hell… I’ve told everyone if they even think of having it open I WILL COME BACK and I WILL HAUNT
The funniest thing though is…

I told my hubby if anything happened to me before I got
“old enough” to die, I was going to be mad as hell about it
and while I’m lying there he would KNOW that I’m lying there really, really pissed…

…and at some point at the funeral he would remember I said that …and how we laughed about it …and he was going to smile or chuckle and that EVERYONE was going to be shocked and disgusted at HIM because he was smiling… ROFL

The only preference I have is to be buried…

After all… it doesn’t make a lot of difference to me when I’m dead

Way to Go…

I want a wake/funeral at my home church. There will be no casket. Instead, there will be a table with a photograph of me and some mementos from my life (Cubs paraphernalia, etc.).

Songs to be played include “Another Time/Another Place” by Sandi Patti and Wayne Watson, and whatever Pippin sings in Return of the King.

After that, my body is to be cremated and my ashes are to be scattered in various places that are important to me:

The little wooded area by the creek that runs behind the women’s dorms where I went to college.

Walt Disney World

Wrigley Field (and not a single flake of me anywhere else in Illinois!)

The Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Daytona Beach

etc. etc. etc.

No religion, whatsoever.

No big ceremony, either - something totally casual between close friends. Absolutely NO open casket. Creepy creepy creepy.

Three possible things to do with my body (probably a combination of at least two): Organ donation. Everything that they can use - they can take my blood if it’ll help. Then, if science can use what’s left, take it. If not, toss my corpse on a fire, and <80’s music>Burn, baby burn!</80’s music>

Also, I want people to wear bright colors. None of that dopey black stuff. Preferably, hawaiian print shirts, but at least a little color.


I’m serious about this, no cremains, no “parts.” I want the whole me buried on the Moon. I’m deadly serious about this, and I’m counting on my fellow Dopers to make it happen (since my family will screw it up if I leave the choice up to them). I don’t care if I have to be frozen for decades before it becomes cheap enough to stick me there, and I don’t care what (if any) funeral service there is, or where on the Moon I end up (Tranquility Base would be nice, but not necessary), but bury me there, damn it!

I want my family to do whatever makes them comfortable. I have no desire to set rules for them to follow that may interfere with their grieving (or rejoicing),


I want to be dead before they do anything to me.

I have to agree with tomndebb. Being dead is a fundamental part of my funeral/burial preferences.

I want to be dismembered, each part carefully wrapped in garbage bags and duct tape, placed in a sturdy suitcase and be buried in the middle of the desert. I also want a ham sandwich, an Elvis CD, a picture of dogs playing poker, a bloody steak knife, a half bottle of Absolut, three spoons and a butt plug placed amongst my bagged remains.

I want scientists a thousand years from now to be deeply puzzled (and disturbed) by the events that led to my demise.

I want to be placed in a wooden boat, have gasoline poured over me, let on fire and sent hurtling over Niagra Falls.

If they could time it perfectly so dynamite would go off when I’m just going over, that would be perfect.

Screw up someone’s honeymoon, that’s for sure.