Do you have beginning-of-the-work-day rituals?

My alarm clock starts going off at 0500.
I snooze until 0530-0545.
Roll out of bed, turn on the radio, shower. Brush teeth.
Put hair up. Put clothes on.
Eat breakfast while checking email and blog comments.
Pack gym back.
Pack lunch.
Drive to work. Get there 15 minutes early.
Go to the unit, check my assignment, put my purse in my locker. Put all my nursing paraphernalia in my scrub pockets. Ignore everyone else’s greetings while I get a cup of water.
Walk out of the unit, clock in.
Walk back to the unit, find report sheets, listen to report.
Write out my time management cheat sheet and start assessing my patients.
And from there, it’s out of my hands.

Hear my partner’s alarm go off at 4:30 and try to ignore it.
Wake up slightly when he does his morning ritual of tripping over a cat and cursing.
Sigh that it’s time to get up and grumble that normal humans don’t set alarms for 4:30
Remember that I just retired early and don’t have to get up after all
Grin smugly and go back to sleep for 2 or 3 hours
Wake up and drink a pot of coffee while I read a forum or 2
Try not to post until the coffee hits and I can be civil
Work out before I change my mind
Spend some more time grinning about how wonderful it is to be retired.
Go post some calm rebuttals instead of caffiene-deprived rants.

After that I get to do whatever I want. Life is just good right now.