Do you have ebay bidding tricks

I only have three

  1. Get freeware that lets you bid at the last second. This has come in pretty handy in my experience.

  2. Seek out auctions that end at night. Since most ebay auctions are in North America ones that end at around 3am CST are going to have alot less bidders at the last minute. I find that many bidders don’t bid until 2 hours before the auction ends anyway, and they are all asleep at 3am.

  3. Auctions that are on sunday are usually open too. I cannot figure this out, and maybe its just a fluke, but it seems that if you bid on sunday that there are alot less bidders to have to put up with. I guess they have ‘family and god’ stuff that keeps them away from buying stuff online.

Do you have any other tactics you have found helpful.

I still don’t understand the “sniping” thing, the item is going to sell for what it’s going to sell for period and I can’t seem to fathom why sniping “keeps prices down”.

Now for my Ebay trick, I am giving this away because I sell now, I had to stop buying stuff “my name is Unclviny and I am an Ebayoholic”. When you place a bid never bid in “round” numbers, if you are willing to pay $40.00 for something and the shipping is $8.00 bid $32.18 (or some other odd amount) when the price (and the bid increment) goes up the other bidders have to “raise” an entire increment and a lot of folks have “stopping points” so you end up “winning the auction”, I have “won” (I freakin’ hate that terminology, I “won” the opportunity to spend my money WHOOPEE!) a LOT of auctions by 3 or 12 or 59 cents.