Do you have either a US or UK passport (decreed the most powerful passports in the world)?

It’s decided country by country, by the government of each country evaluating visitors from other countries. Factors they would consider include:
(1) How likely a visitor from that country is going to overstay and become an illegal immigrant;
(2) How much the country wants to encourage tourism;
(3) How the other country handles visitors from your country; and
(4) Bipartite agreements (like that between Australia and New Zealand) and multipartite agreements (llke the European Union and the Schengen Zone) allowing free movement between countries signing the agreement.

I do not have one from those places, just from my country of birth, NZ, which also has dispensation across Australia. You have to go back quite a number of generations in my family (four, I think) before you get to another nation.

I’ve had a US passport since I was 19. Living abroad, it’s essential to keep it current and renew it at least six months before it expires.

And of course,
(5) Whether the other country has diplomatic relations with yours and the two countries are not in a state of war.

Yes, I have the almighty US passport. Feel my power!

In the 1980s, I had two, as one was an official State Department-issued passport.

Canadian passport! May be a notch or two less powerful than yours, but I like it. :wink:

Got my US passport about 4 years ago before a vacation to New Zealand. Used that to get an enhanced driver’s license for my infrequent trips up north to British Columbia.

Growing up in a small NC town, I couldn’t have dreamed I’d ever need a passport. Now I’m on my 3rd one.

OP… During your visit to Indonesia, didn’t you get a “Visa on Arrival”?

I got my US passport when I was twentysomething and could not imagine not having one “just in case”. I was going to put it in my safe-deposit box at the bank, but my gf (jokingly) asked me what if I needed it right away.

My US passport expired in 2009. I just put in a new application last week, as my state of Illinois is one where the driver’s license doesn’t have the new security measures that are necessary for flying even within the US (which apparently will take effect in 2018). They say it’s about a 6 month wait for a passport now, so I figured I had better get it done sooner than later.

I have had a US passport since I was a small child. My parents got it for me. They were once stateless refugees, so they know how precious citizenship is. The passport is additional tangible proof of that citizenship.

Why does it take so long for a US passport? The office doesn’t know how to manage their work force?

I realize for a premium, you can take cuts in the line. And they expedite it to you.

I got a Mexican passport on the same day I applied. In the federal building at the state capital. They even took a retina scan.

They’re expecting unusually long waits this year because it’s been about ten years since passports were required for travel to places like Canada. All of those new passports need to be renewed soon.

Oh, and the passport control folks didn’t see that coming? Maybe picked up a few temps? The work can’t be too difficult.

Maybe the premium passports generate some good revenue.

I renewed my US Passport about a year and a half ago. It was not expired. From the day I sent in the paperwork until I received the new one was about 8 or 9 days. I did not pay extra for fast service. I sent a US Postal Money order for the fee which was about $100+. I’d read that using the money order rather than a personal check expedited things. Fee for the money order was about $3-$4 as I recall.

And because of the aforementioned issues with needing a form of ID that’s acceptable for boarding a plane, etc. if you are from a state that doesn’t issue driver’s licenses acceptable under REAL ID.

Got a US passport in 1994 when I needed to travel to the UK for work. I ended up staying here, naturalizing, and got a UK passport in 2001. Then last year I renounced US citizenship and gave that passport up.

That’s how long it takes for me too, and I’m in Thailand. Last renewed it four years ago. They always say expect three weeks, then it’s here in less than 10 days.

I renew it at the embassy. Never pay extra for fast service.


I’ve got the basic “Mexico/Canada/Caribbean Cruise” card.

My ex had a mega passport - is that the “diplomatic” kind mentioned above? He traveled so much at one point that a customs agent gave him one about a half inch thick as he filled a regular sized one within a month or two.