Do you have "good day" underwear?

Male. No, I just take the one on top of the stack in the drawer and put it on. If my wife doesn’t tell me “for heaven’s sake, there’s a gaping hole in those - throw them out and put on another pair” - then it’s a good day.


Not only do I not have good day undies, there are days when I don’t have good undies.

Not something your average straight white guy cops to. Similar to being a guitarist and getting asked if you name your guitars. You may have one that you don’t call by make, model or color, but you don’t admit to it. It’s a thing. Hilarious to see on guitar boards.

Unless you’re B.B. King.

That’s exactly my point: our hero’s have guitars with names. Lucille. Blackie. Pearly Gates. Micawber. Frankenstein. And yet the messageboard volume invariably leans towards “naming objects is stoopid.”

There should be an “I go commando” option. That’s where I would have placed my vote.

I have a certain style of bra that I like and I buy several (in either black or nude) when they’re no special. Ditto for knickers. So, no ‘good day’ underwear for me.

Female, ditto.

I wear underwear that are comfortable but sexy. I don’t have special pairs for special occasions. And sometimes, depending on what kind of pants I’m wearing, I don’t wear any.

Don’t you mean four, or are you not counting where your torso comes out?

WAIT A SECOND ! You change your undies every day? (I wish I knew how to do the little emoji stuff here)

I just check to make sure yellow side is in the front, brown side in the back. :smiley:

But I do have “good day” socks. No holes. Especially if I know I’ll be going to someone’s house where I’ll likely be taking my shoes off.

I used to, but then I started wearing scrubs as my uniform. That material is thinner than it looks. And clingier. And I have visions of a seam splitting when I’m bending over to do nurse stuff. So now I wear underwear.

I suppose I could still go commando on the weekends, but now I’m in the underwear habit.

On a day off, I schedule a massage, or plan a visit to the park to draw outside, or have a cup of coffee at a new cafe. Most likely, that’s gonna be a good day (I’d also recommend not using your AK. That helps too).

If you’d mentioned it to me in person, I would have given you a blank stare too.

I have two types of underwear: underwear I like, and underwear that is okay to wear during a period.

I sorta do. None that’s actually special, just newer ones that are in better condition. And it’s not really because of thinking it’s going to be a good day–just when I’m dressing up.

Since all my underwear looks exactly the same, there would be little point.

I suppose if I expected a special day I would try to pick one of the newer pairs.

I wouldn’t call them “special day underwear” but the closest I get is a pair of bright red briefs that came in the 5 pack I got after my vasectomy.

I wear them when I want to give my wife a surprise along with a good belly laugh.

I definitely do. On a normal Monday I wear the older ones. Best ones for weekend.

I have a few pairs of pricey-ish semi-designer underwear that are both very flattering and very comfortable. I only wear them if it’s a day when I know that either somebody is going to see me in my underwear or I have a lot of physical activity to do.

Most days are ordinary Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs. Particularly lazy weekend days I may go full boxer.