Do you have "good day" underwear?

Lets say you wake up in the morning and you think, “All right, today is gonna be a good day! I’m going to get things done, I’m going to do something nice for myself, it’s gonna be a good day!” Do you, on that day, pick out your favorite pair of underwear? The one you find the cutest, or the most colorful, or most comfortable?

I ask because if I’m planning a really good day in the near future, I will save my favorite underwear for it. It’s not essential for my good mood, but it’s helpful. I mentioned this casually in front of my family the other day (the topic was already on underwear, so it wasn’t so weird), and I got a lot of blank stares.

Am I alone in this one?

I just have clean underwear for in case I am in an accident (advice from my mom!)

Yup, me, too. Clean and no holes. Except the standard three holes in a pair of men’s briefs. :smiley:

My underwear only comes in three colors, black, white and nude, and they are all the same style, so there really isn’t a choice. I just take the top one off the pile (if it’s black, I check to make sure I’m not wearing something incompatible).

Oh, heck yes! I’ve got several categories of undies.

There’s period underwear, of course. Those are fairly nasty - clean, but stained, thick cotton granny panties. They hold onto an adhesive pad well (I use a FemmyCycle, but after some Psycho experiences with a DivaCup, I’m afraid I don’t quite trust it, so I wear a pad as backup.) They’re fugly, but functional.

I have the “shapewear” underwear, not because they’re going to make me look skinny, but because some pants and dresses look better with less jiggle and a smoother line, though. They’re functional, but too uncomfortable to wear every day.

I have the “fun” underwear, which are more fun for strutting around and for my husband to look at and take off than they are to wear.

And I have the “good day” underwear, which are silky, a little more supportive than the period undies but not nearly as constricting as shapewear, pretty fabrics, and actually fit well without riding up or rolling down.

Clean, usually no holes the designers didn’t put there, and next pair in rotation in the drawer. Other than that not really. I do have a pair of MST3K “selected shorts” but those are just for weddings and funerals.

Nothing special. I’ve got boxers for day-to-day, two pair of black silk boxers for use with my tux, and I keep a 6-pack of brand new, unopened boxers so that I can immediately replace frayed or holey pairs when I notice them while doing laundry and throw them out.

I’m a guy, rotate my underwear, and just take the one on top. After I put my pants on I don’t remember what underwear I put on.

None of them are cute.

I am really curious–how do you plan a good day in the near future?

Whatever’s clean and crisp. Ahhhhh…

All my underwear is interchangeable.

I have a pretty and pricey set I used to wear on dates when I thought I might be going to get lucky. I haven’t dated in quite a while, so haven’t used them in quite a while, but they are still there if I wake tomorrow and I’m 24 again.

I don’t usually wear underwear. Why add more laundry to the pile?

No I don’t have special good day underwear because every day’s a good day!

Instead of waiting on a good day, you just say “we’re gonna have a good day”.

Side B of Revolver will never sound the same again for me.

"Good day undies (ba dum ba DUM)
Good day undies (ba dum ba DUM)
Good day undies…"

Japanese women famously wear shoubu shitagi (“victory or defeat” or “game” underwear, e.g. sexy underwear to wear on dates.) One research site I found while replying to this said that 59.3% of Japanese women (presumable in dating age) had some but only 43% of women had been complimented on them by men.

I don’t have good day undies (man)

However, I used to pay close attention to the state of the underwear I wore on Saturday nights back when I was single. I’m pretty sure I had “lucky” briefs but their power was… intermittent.

When I do the laundry, the freshly washed items go under the items in the drawer. Every day’s unders are the top ones on the pile. As long as I have clean unders available, it’ll be a good day! :smiley: Otherwise, it’s laundry day.

Male here. Underwear is what I reach into the drawer and pull out. When drawer is empty I wash them and do again. Repeat as necessary.

Male. Don’t mean to brag, but they’re all good.