Do you have one of these at work?

Simply put, one of my coworkers gets in trouble more than I do. Typically the managers are too busy correcting him on his mistakes to pay too much attention to what I’m doing wrong (seeing him get chastised for it makes me fix whatever I did wrong ASAP). Neither one of us are negligent employees, it is mainly just minor stuff.

But I noticed that getting nagged about minor stuff can get a little aggrivating after a while. Even at my job there are many dilbert-isms going on and all I can really do is go with the flow and pretty much just play along with what my boss wants, even if it doesn’t make any sense. My coworker will try to argue and rationalize what he did, but I had learned the hard way I can’t win an argument with my boss (management argument tactics seem to revolve around throwing more and more company jargon out to the point where the employee completely forgot what the hell they were talking about :confused: )

I guess I would say because my coworker struggles more than I do, and is less flexible about following orders, it makes my job easier and less stressful. I really hope he doesn’t quit, because then I’d be the one being picked on :eek:

Do I have one of these at work?


His name is Carl. He keeps management busy all day with his pointless questions and inability to follow simple instructions, which act as constant reminders to the rest of us not to make the same mistakes.

I hope Carl never quits or gets fired…