Do you have recurring dreams?

I’ve never had any, I was just wondering if any of you have, & if so, why do you think you have them?

I used to have a dream when I was 6 or 7 where I was standing in the kitchen and then a bunch of ninjas would come through the sliding glass door and come stab me in the back. Dying in dreams was never a good feeling…shivers down spine kind of deal.

Not that I had a messed up childhood or anything. I think I’m still pretty normal…:).

My only recurring dream, which I might have maybe once a month or so, is of losing teeth/having teeth fall out/teeth crumbling in my mouth/etc. I’ve read various intepretations of what this means in several different dream analysis books, but I think it has more to do with the fact I often grind my teeth in my sleep. Tension, anyone?

I have a recurring dream about a bridge in the town I grew up in. I haven’t lived in that town for 12 years, but I still dream about it. It is not the same exact dream every time, but it usually ends in the way the bridge at the end of the Mothman Prophecies turned out.

I used to have the same dream weekely/monthly. I was in the house I grew up in (a large, old, two story house in the country. It was way off in the middle of nowhere. Out driveway was a mile long.) Alone with my little brother and sister. We are our current ages, though. There are large windows all over the house, and none have curtains. Suddenly, I see two people walking up to the house, and I know they are bad, and will probably try to shoot us, so I try to get my brother and sister to duck below the windows, but no matter how flat we lay, they can still see us. Sometimes someone would get shot, other times someone would be kidnapped. I haven’t had that dream in at least a year or two, though.

This one seems to come and go… I’ll have this dream maybe once a month… then not for ages… then every other night!

Ok, so to the dream itself… it’s not always identical, but always the same theme. I call it “my military dream”. Essentially, I am a member of one of the defence forces (usually army but sometimes air force, never navy)… have been called up and report to the nearest base.

Once there, everything is disorganised and very UNmilitary - no-one really knows where they’re meant to be, no-one is in charge. Anyway, we all seem to end up in the one place, whereupon we are told that we have to supply our own equipment (tents, sleeping bags, clothing etc, strangely enough never weapons). I always have a mishmash of different stuff, which bothers me greatly, to the point that I discreetly swap my stuff for other peoples’ more co-ordinated stuff. They never notice or care.

Anyway… despite the fact that we’re supposed to be going somewhere/doing something, usually what happens is we end up at a mess hall (often the Sergeants’ Mess, sometimes the officers’ mess), where EVERYONE is having a big party - not just Sergeants or officers… everyone. But I never really figure out what the party is for, what the occasion is etc.

I usually end up leaving the party and finding a room somewhere… which is not the usual barracks-style accommodation but rather a rabbit’s warren of cement walls. The room I end up in is never quite right, little things like the door doesn’t close or the shower head is at the wrong height etc… or there are no towels to dry off after having a shower.

The dreams usually go on in this fashion then stop suddenly or I get woken by the alarm or something.

You wanted wierd? There you have it!!!


I get that occasionally too. Weird. And very disturbing at times. The last one I really remember is in my dream my jaw locking open and when I attempted to close my mouth my jaw shattered and all my teeth fell out. Complete with sensation. Waking up was such a relief after that.

I can’t recall having any but I only recall my dreams about 5% of the time.

I’ve always had insomnia and trouble falling asleep. I often dream that I am lying on my floormat trying to fall asleep.

I’ve gotten to the point where if I realize I’m dreaming this, I can make something happen. Usually something very violent and icky. I’ve had a guy dive onto my stomach, my sister shoot me in the neck and blow my teeth out, a train run through my room, and tons of other stuff. Really cool.

I had a recurring dream when I was a kid of getting up early in the morning when everyone else was alseep and finding myself walking on the ceiling instead of the floor. Sitting down on the ceiling next to the overhead ceiling light, stepping over the room dividers, etc.

I’ve had reoccurring zombie dreams since I was about 8.

Most of them start off at camp, out in the woods somwhere, and eventually, the camp gets overrun by zombies. Somehow, I end up back in my nighborhood, but they’ve already got there. I always have to escape my house by jumping out of my bedroom window and clinging to a big tree outside. They never have any ending, I just end up waking up.

Recently, I’ve been having this dream where I have a third eye, but not one in the middle of my forehead. It’s a small eye, like the size of one of those little googly eyes (you know, the kind they put on those little puff balls with the pipecleaner antenae and sticker feet you get from the dentists office…oh, shut up!), and it’s about an inch to the left of my left eye. Really kinda creepy, but the entire time, I’ve got this sense that I’m not even in my body…I’m just kinda borrowing it. I wonder what all this stuff means.

Starting when I was about 7 and ending when I was about 15, I’d have a dream about going into secret passages and rooms in our house, that only I knew about. The frequency started decreasing after we moved out of the house when I was 9, but the dreams continued to be set in the old house.

I have recurring dreams on a fairly regular basis, they usually involve something that I was afraid of during my day, that I just had to grin and bear. I think my brain is running me through the worst case scenario of the situation:

One of my first jobs was working at a pet store and part of the duties was to grab & bag crickets and mealworms for customers. I haven’t been particularly squeamish around insects, but the sheer numbers involved was a bit unsettling at first. For probably the first week of dealing with this I had the same dream. I would think that something had awakened me, and would look down at my chest to see a bug crawling across me. As I started to sit up to get rid of the pesky bug, my entire chest cavity would open up and thousands of crickets and mealworms would come bursting out.

Another typical example is when I have watched a scary movie. I remember when I first watched the Evil Dead II, although I knew a lot of it was meant to be funny, apparently not all of me thought so. I had the same dream for two stinking weeks after watching this show:

I was house-sitting for a friend by myself and it was late at night. All of the windows had blinds/curtains that were pulled down, and I was standing in the middle of the living room telling myself not to look outside. I would finally walk over to a huge picture-window near the couch and pull back the curtains. Undead Linda would be right on the other side of the window, and as I startled would tell me, “That’s right Heather, I am out here and I am REAL.” As I backed away into the center of the living room, she would suddenly be inside the room with me with her hands around my throat. I eventually had to make a conscious decision to fight back, before these two weeks of dreams finally stopped. (I had tried to fight back in the dreams, but I actually had to, in waking hours, decide on a plan of attack and one finally worked.)

Why do I have these types of dreams? I don’t know, but in reading that last bit I typed, it sounds like I’m looney.

In high school i had this recurring dream about a funeral…
I would be at the edge of a churchyard, and there would be all these people i knew going into the church… i’d follow them in and they were there for a funeral… My teachers and parents were there, looking disapproving, and I’d get to the coffin and realise it was me inside, that I’d killed myself, and that everyone was saying nasty stuff about me.

It went on for years, but stopped when I got into uni.
My interpretation was that it was me putting pressure on myself because I didn’t feel like I was doing enough work at school (I was a slack-arse :slight_smile: ) and everyone was saying I’d fail and never amount to much in life… the suicide was an allegory for me selling myself short for not doing any work… and the whole thing was playing off my fears of disappointing the people who were important to me.
Once i got into uni I realised that i didn’t need to impress anyone, my stress levels decreased and the dreams stopped :slight_smile: