Recurring Nightmare

Talk about mundane but must share…

Preface: I can usually tell why I dream what I dream. I can almost always trace it back to different events, thoughts, music or tv shows/films I’ve had, seen or heard recently that trigger my dreams, but nightmares are different altogether.

I’ve been having a recurring nightmare–or piece of one. It happened again this morning, and I couldn’t seem to go back to sleep afterwards, so I finally gave up and got up (even though Saturdays SHOULD BE a sleep in morning).

The dream always start out differently and may actually start as a dream and evolve into this piece of nightmare that for some reason TERRIBLY disturbing to me. [What follows may be a bit gross, but probably not what you’d expect…]

Whatever events precipitate it, in the dream I find myself in the bathroom of the house I grew up in wiggling a (permanent) tooth with my tongue–very much the way we all did our baby teeth when they were loose. I reach in my mouth and pull it out with little or no trouble and look at it in my hand–a permanent tooth with a bit of root (but not a full one like when I had my wisdom teeth out). I then smile into the mirror to see a big gap in the front of my mouth and blood pooling around my gums.

I notice a tooth turned around the wrong way and reach in and twist it, and it pulls out just as easily. More blood pulls and the gap is bigger. I run my finger across the tops of my teeth and another breaks in half. Now I’ve got two and a half white little teeth in my hand, and I’m spitting blood into the sink starting to get upset.

Spit again and another tooth is in the sink. Look back and smile in the mirror again and the sight of my teeth becomes more grotesque and bloodied (note: these are all bottom teeth that have come out). This usually continues (until I wake up a bit panicked) hands clutching broken or removed teeth with thoughts that if I put them in cotton and a baggie, maybe the dentist could put them back.

A strange side note, when I was a kid with loose baby teeth, I would sometimes dream about them falling out at night and in fact wake up clutching them or at least fist clenched (thinking I had the tooth) to find the tooth had fallen out during the night…

I do wake up from it clenching my fists and the first thing I do is run by tongue around my teeth to make sure they’re all still there.

I’m hoping that in sharing it, I can maybe end the nightmare cycle. It’s not exactly big monsters or other things attacking me (and there’s nothing in the dreams that seem to necessarily trigger this event). Pretty lame, huh?

At least it’s not as bad as the bunny nightmare I used to have as a kid (that makes me think I was meant to be an animal right advocate even back then before I knew anything about animal rights)!

Thanks for reading.

i also have dental nightmares. they can usually be traced back to dentists i had as a child. i hated waking up and thinking all my teeth were gone. it is amazing how real the toothless feeling is. i only get the dreams when a dental appt. is nigh. are you going to the dentist soon?


I’ve had those kinds of nightmares too!

As for what they mean, you got me, bub. I think mine started when I was in grade 5 and this nurse/hygenist person came into our class showing us slides of what unbrushed-for-five-weeks teeth look like. With all the creepy crawlies. Magnified a gazillion times. I still have nightmares about it.