Gee, thanks for the nightmare, Dopers!

I’m 39, and I’ve never had a dream about my teeth falling out. But I read here about it being a common thing, and bam, two weeks later I have it. It was really horrifying - I was trying to stick my teeth back in their sockets and keep them there till I could get to the dentist, but they kept falling out, and . . . eugh.

So now I guess I’ll get to wander around looking for a usable bathroom in my old high school while I try to remember where my final is being given in the class I signed up for but never went to, and madly rehearsing lines for the play I forgot I was in, all while my teeth fall out of my head.


In your underwear?

Ugh. I missed that thread, but I have them too. They start to get loose, then they fall out. Even better, I usually gag on them too.

Sure glad I’m awake right now…

Horrible, isn’t it? It’s a recurring dream for me, and has been all my life. Which is really weird, because I have very good teeth - only a single cavity in my whole life (which needed a root canal and crown, but still, just the one!)

They increased while I was pregnant and my teeth were just ever so slightly loose (hormones.) Then to add insult to injury, I started reading Stephen King’s *Tommyknockers *during my pregnancy induced insomnia. A plot point in the novel is that you can tell who the alien technology has invaded because all their teeth fall out. GAH! That did NOT help the dreams!

Not in my underwear (though perhaps my subconscious has been “infected” with that dream too now), but probably trying to dial my phone over and over, unsuccessfully.

WhyNot, I can’t imagine reading the Tommyknockers during a time when my teeth were loose. Ack!

Heh, as long as we are playing the blame game:

A few weeks ago some poster started a thread talking about how those erectile dysfunction commercials creep him out.

I personally, never had a problem with these commercials.

Now though; creepy!!

Bonus: I’m a middle aged man!!

I feel your pain Sicks Ate.

I get food/candy/gum stuck around my teeth type dreams. You know how sometimes you might get a piece of gum or something stuck around your molars, so you have to reach in and remove it because you need to give a speech, or want to do something and need to not be chewing gum or whatever? :frowning:

I used to have the falling-out-teeth dreams a lot. Oddly, until my teeth DID start falling out. Haven’t had one in a while; too banal, too much like reality, I guess. My brain considers that ‘boring’ now. :stuck_out_tongue:

But back when it was happening more often, I read that those dreams ‘mean’ something along the lines of anxiety over something you can’t control. If I remember right. And if that’s true, well…that seems to be the answer for MOST dreams, duh! :smack: Ok now I go look it up.

Edit…wish I hadn’t bothered looking it up. There are as many ‘meanings’ as there are people on earth. Of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok that’s freaky, I glanced at this thread yesterday and dreamt of this last night!

I have similar recurring dreams about that, along with the recurring dreams of teeth falling out and trying to put them back in. The ones where something is stuck in my teeth involve that stuff the dentist puts in your mouth to get a mold, like when you get a retainer, etc. In the dream, my mouth is full of the stuff and I can’t get all of it out no matter how hard I try.

Thank god I’ve never had THAT dream, but I did have a nightmare where I started brushing my hair, and it all started falling out in huge clumps. I think when I woke up I patted my head just to make sure it was still there! shudder

I think the stuff stuck in my teeth comes from having spent 6 years with the old school band, wire and elastic band style of braces. All sorts of crap could get wrapped around and embedded in the damned braces. Popcorn was one of my personal hell-foods.

I had another one of my repeated dreams last night - one where for some reason there are tons and tons of dishes to be washed, and I’m very frustrated by it. I don’t know where this dream comes from - I don’t usually have tons of dishes to be washed, and washing dishes doesn’t really bother me. I’m sure it’s symbolic of something, but I don’t know what.

It’s like The Ring, only way more banal!

Could be worse… could be about ear spiders.