Do you have stairs in your house?

Just wondering…

No - not in the house. There are stairs outside going from the deck to the yard, where the entrance to the basement is.

Ayup. I absolutely loathe going up and down stairs, and yet we just purchased a 3-story townhouse. Ah well, I guess the excercise will be good for me, as long as my knees hold up…


Yes. Circular stair to basement. Steps up to both front and back doors. Front lower than back. Back steps just three. Front steps fourteen. Circular stair inside is just a smallish (in diameter) metal one. Nothing fancy, but takes up minimal floor space both up and down.

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We have steps up to the porches, and stairs down to the basement.

I have cellar stairs and stair to the second floor. The stairs to the second floor are uneven in height and people who aren’t used to them tend to stumble.

Circular staircase in the middle of the house, with thirteen steps going up and thirteen down. Makes an eye-shape when you look down from the top. All feng shuied out.


I agree, “Why?”

But, to answer your question, we live in a tri-level so it’s half a flight up to the upstairs bedroom level & half a flight down to the lower family-room level. There’s steps off the back deck and one step to the front-door from the walkway.

(Two steps down into the garage to be really anal…)

No steps outside - what was 1 step is now a ramp. :smiley:

1 step into garage or den - both areas rarely used.

Very bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure do.

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I live in a two-story townhouse, so yeah, I have stairs. They’re at a fairly low slope (about 35°), so the climb isn’t as hard as it might be on other stairs. They’re the “open” kind of stairs, that is, no vertical slats in between each step. I’ve never thought to count the number of steps, and I’m not home right now to count them, but it seems there are probably 13-14 steps, not counting the landings.

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