Do you have your e-mail address hidden?

On your Official Straight Dope Message Board Profile.

Well, why the heck would you do that?

And update your biography, too.

(This is not a rant. See? It’s way to short. It’s a poll on a less-than-cosmic topic.)

I have mine semi-hidden, with extra words thrown in to discourage automated address harvesters (whether they would work here or not).

How do you semi-hide an email on here? When I clicked to email you, I got:

"Sorry! That user has specified that they do not wish to receive emails through this board. If you still wish to send an email to this user, please contact the administrator and they may be able to help. "

Sure as heck I put mine on here for everyone to see. The way I figure what do I have to hide from all the fellow dopers? I mean I highly doubt someone here is gonna take up the art of spamming people with email.

Oops. So I did, dantheman, my mistake. I’ll change that.

What I meant was that I use “usernameNOSPAMPLEASE@THANKSANYWAYaddress.suffix”.

I have an e-mail address attached to my profile, it’s just not the one I use every day. I try to check it periodically, or when somebody mentions e-mailing me something in a post.

Np, mattk, np.

Mine’s not hidden. I need all the mail I can get!

Mine’s out there for all the world to see. I crave attention :wink:

Mine is out there too… not that it matters… no one ever e-mails me… not even my own mother… I’m gonna eat some worms…

Mine’s out there too. I actually had a really nice guy e-mail me, and we corresponded maybe 4 or 5 times until I became overwhelmed with assignments and lost all communication.

If you’re out there, sorry. :frowning:

My email is only sorta hidden … you can find an email addy for me if you know where to look :). I didn’t want to put my email addy up where spammers could get it. I made the mistake of posting a resume to last year and got choked with spam after that.

Mine’s out there. Since it’s all over my web site, hiding it here isn’t going to accomplish anything. Spam isn’t a problem for me, I have Netscape set up to filter and sort my incoming email as appropriate, and it’s pretty effective. 95% of incoming spam goes straight to the trash folder.

I have one of my little-used home addys in my profile, and I’ve never gotten any spam at that one. And believe me, I spend plenty of time cleaning out my primary address, even with all the filters.
I try to check it every evening when I get home. But I hardly ever get any mail there, so sometimes I forget, and occasionally I’ll be out of town somewhere where I can’t use my laptop, or get to my ISP for a while.
I do always answer, though, eventually.

It’s not hidden, but it’s not my everyday addy. Feel free to email me, but don’t be disappointed if it takes a while to respond.

Mine is hidden. I prefer to keep board discussions on the board.

Plus, some time back some idiot sent several members an email with a virus or worm attached.

Yes. Gawd dammit!!!## I hate spam!!! #(*&$@ I just can’t stand it!!! Therefore, I try to take every precaution that I can.

Did I mention I hate spam?

I love email, as long as it’s not spam. Anyone here is welcome to drop me a line anytime.

That’s rather a personal question, isn’t it?

Not as personal as asking if you’ve ever experienced sexual congress with livestock. Or had any of your protuberences pierced.

Yeah, it can be construed as “personal” Mr. Ike, sir. But you ain’t gotta answer. If ya wanna, well that’s up to you.

If you like to have “people” (Send an e-mail to my people. If it’s important, they’ll let me know.) that’s a perq of this board. If you dig it, groove with it. That’s what I always say. (Actually I always say: “Any more cake around here?”)

The addy that I use on the SDMB is the same I use to place online orders etc… it’s a hotmail account and gets spammed often.

My “real” email addy is encoded hexadecimally on my web site…preventing spam bots from snarfing it up…but allowing people to use it just fine.