Inspired by kellibellis Yahoo Quest… who used ICQ? I have the numbers of some already. Let’s make it complete. Here goes:

“Hello, my name is Coldfire”

All: “Hi, Coldfire!”

“My ICQ Number is 13459848”

All: “Oh, OK!”


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Yes I do…but you can get the icq numbers for most people off of their profile.
My number is 62150887

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I sure do…in fact I had been suffering major message withdrawals so I added it to my puter at my new job.

the number is 33471194.

I really try to be good but it just isn’t in my nature!

Mine appears to be 666…did I do that? What the hell is it anyway?


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I can, but I don’t. Around 60M people downloaded it from


$3.00 per minute, must be over 19


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You know this is just going to turn into a pissing contest. Who’s got the lowest ICQ#?

Well, in that spirit, i submit:

Six digits baby.

Please don’t abuse it. Sending messages is fine, giving others my number is not.


open all night

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12740101 but I Don’t have it installed at work. Maybe I should though.

Hiya Coldy!

My name’s Demo, very pleased to meetcha!

ICQ UIN: 608529

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45757661 Don’t have it here at work though…

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please take pity on a techno-peasant - what in the world are you guys talking about??

and the stars o’erhead were dancing heel to toe


Ope! How ya doin’, kiddo?

I have no ICQ, nor to I want one.

Current board events prohibit me from posting my sig line.

Having read the link, I guess I invented mine during some drunken stupour.

Check my profile.



is me.

And its a good thing I don’t have it at work, how would I ever be able to do any work? Geez. I have trouble enough by the fact that I can stare at the sky. (I am easily distracted)
Oooo, that cloud looks like Abe Lincoln, gotta go.